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Hmm, I tinkered a lot long before I ever visited any club. I only race with my friends at home or at their places, but we're forced to tinker a lot (not that we mind
), because we don't like magnet racing, and all RTR cars of today are made to run with mags, i.e. runs like carp without them. Not many clubs around here, and the ones I've heard of all race magnet cars. What does that make me?
. Just in it to have fun really, but I still like the cars to perform well. I don't care so much for outright speed (standard s-cans are fine), but more for driveability and good handling. I'm sick of most cars makers having sloppy brass or plastic bushings for the axles, when you see some that can make it work, Slot.It and Spirit for example. Don't get me started on the outrageously bad Fly stub axles, come on there Fly! There's no worse way of fitting front wheels to a slot car, seriously! And they've done it for years!!!

Toby, the tinkering home racer
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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