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Brian Ferguson
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Personally, I don't understand why people are always trying to draw clear lines within our hobby - "club/home", "mag/non-mag", "vintage/current".... drawing lines is a negative practice that fractures a tiny hobby into even smaller niche areas.

And the lines people try to draw are ridiculously inaccurate. Especially when they base those lines on assumptions or some arbitrary measurements (like number of times per year that one goes to a club!).

I scratchbuild cars and run them on a routed track. In my basement. Alone or with my son. Or, as I am now, build them for proxy racing. So am I a "home racer"? I guess I am! I run RTR cars too, but don't own any plastic track! I also raced commercial semi-pro in the 60's, and club raced for 20+ years. What am I? I'm a slot racer. Period. End of labelling.

Please.... stop trying to subdivide a tiny hobby and slap clear-cut labels on those involved. It's highly inaccurate and very counter-productive.

Good grief.... who stuck the soap box under my feet!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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