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The Final Formulae Libre - 14th December 2018

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The Final Formulae Libre - 14th December 2018

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Race Report:-

The final Formulae Libre for 2018 was run with 9 racers and what a night it was with some of the closest racing we have seen in a long time. With only 7/10 of a second separating the fastest lap of the winner and the one who came last it was always going to be close. In the "C" final was Josh who was using Robbies Ford Honker, Dave and Robbie, both Josh and Robbie swapping the lead but poor old Dave was in trouble right away with a car that no grip that turned out to be a tyre that had come off the hub, Ralph lent him his Willmot Galaxie and now 3 laps down he set off after the others. Robbie took the lead from Josh who was having too many offs (we told him it wasn't a GP12) and Dave trailed behind and it wasn't until the final segment that Dave passed Josh to take second place so it was Robbie 1st, Dave 2nd and Josh 3rd. In the "B" final was Sue, Ian and Ralph. It was a titanic battle between Sue and Ian with both of them in the lead at some time and neither able to gain a real advantage but Sue was having too many offs and slipped to 3rd place and while Ian kept it nice and smooth and out of the scenery Sue fought back to pass Ralph and go after Ian but she did not quite make it to finish less than a lap behind Ian with Ralph in 3rd. In the "A" final was Brian, Sandy and Greg, Sandy took the early lead with Brian right behind her and they were running side by side changing places two or three times a lap and Greg was experiencing problems with his plug that saw him retire before the end, Sandy was in the lead at the end of the second segment but after a couple of offs and pick up problems saw her drop so far back that she would not be able to catch Brian. Drivers of the night go to Ian for his 2nd place and Robbie for his 3rd place with only 1/100th of a lap between them. The top three were Brian, Ian and Robbie

See you all soon Sandy xx


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