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The Finest Road Race of them All

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Stirling Moss called it the finest road race of them all. This unyielding 1,000-mile challenge through the Italian Countryside, sometimes literally, ran from 1927 through 1957. Playing host to greats such as Caracciola, Nuvolari, Varzi and Moss. Who did battle driving the cars from Mercedes, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and of course Ferrari. Where a Grand Prix cars with mudguards raced on the same roads, as would be aces in their Fiat Topolinos. A uniquely Italian affair that lives in legend and reenactment.

Come and join SlotForum in association with Grand Prix History to relive those days which Piero Taruffi called "the proudest moment in my life."

The Mille Miglia
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would like to echo mclarens query - whats going on??? And does it require digital, to enable the recreation of QUOTE Their drivers were still driving on the left side of the road while in town and on the right side while in the country,?
sounds great Dennis David! Up till now, I was under the impression someone was going to build a 1:32 mille miglia, hold a proxy race or else go to italy and street race 1:1
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