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The Finest Road Race of them All

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Stirling Moss called it the finest road race of them all. This unyielding 1,000-mile challenge through the Italian Countryside, sometimes literally, ran from 1927 through 1957. Playing host to greats such as Caracciola, Nuvolari, Varzi and Moss. Who did battle driving the cars from Mercedes, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and of course Ferrari. Where a Grand Prix cars with mudguards raced on the same roads, as would be aces in their Fiat Topolinos. A uniquely Italian affair that lives in legend and reenactment.

Come and join SlotForum in association with Grand Prix History to relive those days which Piero Taruffi called "the proudest moment in my life."

The Mille Miglia
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Just for fun, here's a link that shows the print of Moss and Jenkinson passing the Maserati Mille Miglia '55 pic.

The original is by a French artist named Freudenthal who offers magnificent historic motorsports, aviation, and watercraft art. His site is and his prices are very reasonable. Check him out here Fly and Drive.


You're partially right. Up until 1940 they raced counter clockwise. In 1947 the race came to be run in a clockwise direction. Also in 1940 they did run laps, 9 in all on a triangular circuit. The infamous 13th Mille Miglia won by the BMW of von Hanstein.

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Thanks for the kind words there is actually a book out there on the Mille Miglia but with a different slant. It's a guide to all of the best restaurants along the route! I've been to Brescia and ran a very small portion of the route and the thought of being passed in the rain at 170 mph, the driver fighting to keep the car on the road even on a straight patch with nary a gravel trap to be seen … well it's why we're here talking about these toys isn't it?


Moss's car was allowed special dispensation to start from the road rather than the ramp due to the car's low ground clearance. That's why he's looking up to the starter who's on the ramp above him.

Put north at the top of the map and you'll see we agree on a clockwise direction:

From Autocar, June 27, 1947 "From the start at Brescia the 1,125 mile course made for the mountains near Lake Garda, then run (sic) south along the Adriatic to Pesaro and across the Appenines to Rome. From Rome the competitors headed north-west to Turin; 145 miles of very fast autostrada brought the weary competitors back to Brescia via Milan." Reprinted in Curami's Mille Miglia Race: The Postwar Years.

There was only a single lap from 47-57, including 55, the year TSRF asked about.

There are at least a dozen good books on the MM, some covering the race's entire history, some focusing on the years when particular marques were dominant. Put "Mille Miglia" in the search box at amazon and some great title come up.

But young slot racers would not know to perform the search if they had never even heard of the Mille Miglia, which is why your project to put something on the web is just great, and a real contribution. Please press on!

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THat's why my website should be required reading.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so check these two out, one from 1927 and the next from 1947 and look at the arrows.

I rest my case.

But please any comments, corrections or additions is greatly appreciated. That's why I posted on this site first because I knew I would get some good feedback here. If you want to contact me directly please email me.
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QUOTE Well, at the risk of extreme embarrassment, with those louvers it MIGHT be a C Jag. Didn't he drive one of those before hitting fame and fortune with Jenks in '55? No idea how he finished.

Speedyweenie, you win the prize, this is indeed a C-Type Jag.

Same exact car in fact.
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I hope they do the Mille Miglia model rather then the one in the picture and add Norman Dewis.
Now I'm confused. This is all from memory, but I think the Jag in your picture is the '53 Le Mans winner which was driven by Rolt & Hamilton. Moss and Whitehead shared the #17. Or did Moss later drive the Rolt/Hamilton car in the MM?

THe "End of the Beginning" is now up...

The Beginning - Part 1
The Beginning - Part 2
QUOTE Now I'm confused.

No need. It was just to show what the car looks like, not the exact livery of the Mille Miglia Moss car. I am not sure if it is really necessary for MMK to make the exact MM car since it is easy to change the livery for anyone with a decal sheet.

Dr. Pea
I am really enjoying this Dennis, hurry up and do some more.

Best wishes,

For some extra fun answer my first quiz question here: Mille Miglia Quiz
What does the picture of the Marcos have to do with the MM???
Nothing, heard of scroll bars?

There ought to be some regulation on the overall size of your signature.
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Hey, hey there's a new quiz! Mille Miglia Quiz II
Part II is now available here
What a great article - really inspires the imagination. Can't wait for the next installment.

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