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The Finest Road Race of them All

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Stirling Moss called it the finest road race of them all. This unyielding 1,000-mile challenge through the Italian Countryside, sometimes literally, ran from 1927 through 1957. Playing host to greats such as Caracciola, Nuvolari, Varzi and Moss. Who did battle driving the cars from Mercedes, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and of course Ferrari. Where a Grand Prix cars with mudguards raced on the same roads, as would be aces in their Fiat Topolinos. A uniquely Italian affair that lives in legend and reenactment.

Come and join SlotForum in association with Grand Prix History to relive those days which Piero Taruffi called "the proudest moment in my life."

The Mille Miglia
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1928 will be up this weekend. You'll get to meet Giuseppe Campari.

...Many figured that Bugatti should be favored but somebody forgot to tell that to Alfa Romeo and their chief designer Vittorio Jano. Fresh from his successful P2 Grand Prix car, Jano created a new 1500cc sports car with which to compete at events such as the Mille Miglia. The star of the team was Guiseppe Campari, the Italian driver and would-be opera singer who at 241 lbs was literally larger than life. It's assumed that he and his co-driver Ramponi became "close" friends in the car's tight compartment! ...
As I lover of great writting and history I think this is great.

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For Dennis and others interested in the Mille Miglia, there is an in-depth article on the '55 race in the latest issue of Vintage Motorsport. Rather than the typical Moss/Jenkinson story, the article focuses on John Fitch's ride in a stock gull-wing to fifth place overall. Lot's of detail & period pics, plus (in a separate feature) a photo spread on the most beautiful sports racer of all time, the 330P4.

A few years ago VM also ran a first-person article by a driver in the last MM race in 1957 (driving an MGA). Great article and pictures, really atmospheric.

Part IV, the 1929 race is now available here. The next article should involve either Alfa Romeo 1750 or O.M. depending on whether I can get my rear end up to Napa and purchase this wonderful book:

OM, una storia nella storia
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Thanks Dennis for the article. The series is really looking good.
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Negri, the publisher of the OM book, has an excellent web site....


click on mostre at the left...
It's always a pleasure to read such wonderfully written articles.

Thank you Dennis.

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