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The finest track in Switzerland?

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As promised to Ecurie Martini (and also awhile ago here when I posted dragster pics I think), here are some pictures of the track owned by SBS Club in Dottikon.

joergs and I were invited to a 'young timer' race there a few weeks ago and it was one of the best evenings racing I have had in a long time.

They use one format a week and each format is spread over a year. This particular evening was 'young timer'. Basically all bodies from the 'Youngtimer' series by German Company 'Whitepoint' and sitting on standard Plafit Small chassis.

An Example of an Alfa Romeo....

Whitepoint produce 1/24 scale lexan bodies to high quality and with little of the blobby image Lexan portrays. They also produce interiors, wheel inserts, decal sets and even their own chassis to name a few things. You can find them at Whitepoint.

The Club also supply their own aluminium wheels and have hard front and soft rear tyres custom made just for the Club by Ortmann. A new set or rear tyres is supplied to each driver at the beginning of each evenings racing.

This shows maybe the only weakness in the track I can find - it eats tyres - maybe because of the performance involved in the cars and the fact that the track is made from Formica so grip is high and the tyres scrub with heat.

Anyway, this aside, this is what awaits the racer at S.B.S Club....

And lastly a couple of other cars in close up, their respective old style Plafit chassis and a last treat just to show it isn't ALL serious...

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QUOTE (Fergy @ 4 Nov 2004, 18:37)Is it my imagination though, or are a couple of guys in the pits in one pic trying to fire up a 1/4 scale RC car to send out on the track?....

No you are right

There is alot of humour buried around the track, including the 'redlight' area built into the start gantry, which is not so obvious from the pics but is complete with scantily clad women. You will also see 'Nessie' making like a worm from 'Dune' in one pic, headed for the lake.

Astro - the track decor struck me as minimalist and designed to be functional so there is no scenery where it can be damaged by marshalls.
In addition there are two other rooms, one for tuning with benches all round and the other is a small, well stocked bar and kitchen with away from track seating so you can take a break. The grandstand of the track is a small raised area with seating for about 6 people. All in all a VERY relaxing and friendly place full of light hearted competitive atmosphere.
A good thing too because, of course, neither joergs OR myself are in the least bit competitive ourselves
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