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the first paytrack cars in the world

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hi,here we have 1 of several kennedy bugattis i own.the first cars were made in 1930 & raced in mr kennedys home on a 6 lane rail track.around 1932 he modified the cars added a wall,& a paybox.he then moved his track to the leicester square amusement park & created the very first commercial electric race car track.the people put their money in the paybox & then operated their push button controllers as they raced each was used for several years.the guides had little clips sodered to them so they could drift in the corners but not come off the rails.the cars are around 1/32 scale.the bodies were handmade metal.i have 1 1930 buggati which is a little different from the commercial ones.the one here is the 1932 commercial car used on the pay can see the rest of the cars & the magazine articles,& some patent information on my website, thanks.(bernardsslotcarmuseum)]
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Hi guys
as mentioned in my book,,with photo supplied courtesy of bernard. therecould possibly have been as many as 4 of these systems built as apparently they appeared in fairgrounds in england in leicester square and the haymarket in london and liverpool and manchester
bearing in mind that the track was six laned there could have been as many as 32 cars built
my gut feeling is that there may only have been one possibly two tracks and they were carted round the country by the fairground carneys and set up inthe different locations
interesting enough was the fact that gambling as such seemed to have been banned in britain at this time so the carneys would have charged the competitors for taking part and the winner was given 5 players weights cigarettes.
the problem fro tim birkin and the "miniature speedway ltd " company was that the accounting system of the carneys meant that the money owing to the company was not always paid in suffiicient amounts to be profitable
this coupled with the untimely death of tim birkin as a result of burns received in the 1933 tripoli gp saw the demise of the venture .
although I believe some of the patents patrick kennedy took out post dated bitkins death.
However what puzzled me was the fate of the cars ,berneard told me his collection came from France (how did they get there?
Where did yours come from john ?

Cheers tony
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Hi John
well at least you managed to get yours from the country of thier birth ,unlike bernard who found some of his in france
I agree with you on numbers ,If I was running a 6 lane track for money ,I would have at least 2 cars for each lane ,possibly 3 each ,painted with one of the 6 lane colours
so it could be that there are another 12 out there somewhere!!
If only these old slot cars could speak

Cheers tony
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