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The future of model car racing?

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It had to come....Take a look at this site.


A mixture of gaming and slotless car racing, pretty crude at the moment but has huge potential and it is being sold by Apple which should scare Scalextric to death!...

I await future developments.

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Hi Beejay Ya looks great and interesting for sure. It might be my age or just my way of thinking but the more technology gets involved the less I trust it. Meaning that if I play chess on my computer I almost always expect to lose and if I do win then its the computer that has aloud me to win, just enough to keep me interested and to try again. so with Anki how do I know that its me thats winning the race and not the computer or intelligence of the technology thats worked out that I have lost the last 15 races so its time my car won a race.

I have to say that the technology involved is fantastic.

Just my personal point of view.

Looks like they forgot to put the W at the start of the name of their product.
Julian, posts like that are we can't have nice things.

Why the instant negativity? Here is a company that are developing cool new AI technology and a car racing/computer game crossover is a great way of demonstrating that new tech. A simple "This is not for me" would have done.

Personally I love the idea of Anki Drive. Not enough to invest in it as I really would love to switch to Mag Racing if anything but the idea is cool and I hope it succeeds. Especially if they bring out more exciting track layouts.
Do I have to put a smiley face on the end of posts to indicate that they're meant to be humorous?
Anyway personally I don't think it will work very well because of the lag in communications between the ipad and the car, I also don't think a toy car that needs a £400 device to control it is a good idea.
Looks great to me just get the cars to our scale and hours of fun
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Across the various boards this gets mentioned as being the future of slot cars despite there being no slot.

It is closest to RC racing, with some AI thrown in. If neither are your bag, this is unlikely to appeal.
I think a lot of spotters would like to have a pn intelligent car to race against on those occasions that they can't find a few friends to race with, this has potential to be developed in this way, of course the company would need to see slot cars as a viable market which I can't see happening

The slot market can't even come up with a common digital standard and protocols

QUOTE (Julian_Boolean @ 8 Nov 2013, 12:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Do I have to put a smiley face on the end of posts to indicate that they're meant to be humorous?
Oh, I see. I thought you were being serious. So no mistakes, it is really called 'anki' and an anki driver is in fact called an 'anker'?


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Looks like Anki has added some new tracks, cars and a racing feature. This system certainly has some real potential.

Seems like if you added modular track pieces, more realistic cars and some better racing features, this could be an interesting competitor to slot racing. It's still has a ways to go though.

QUOTE (injectorman @ 18 Apr 2014, 01:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Yawn.
Funny, your comment had the same effect on me...
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Not for me to Rc type, I prefer my man cave and car collection (the constantly evolving one) couple of missles on a scaley car that could shoot the person in front may help me win sometimes tho
I think this has huge potential&#8230;not for everyone obviously, but it could easily
grab a chunk of the slot car market going forward. It could also draw in people
who might have only played video games before. Very clever&#8230;I like the shooting

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I think it has potential, particularly as it seem to have substantial commercial backing.
Will it win over some slot racers: some RC racers: some computer games players? It could well do.
Will it replace any of those? I don't think so.
Is it better than any of those? For sure it's different. Difficult to say it's better or worse, just different with an appeal to some and not others.
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