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John Roche
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Personally I'm happy to have these laser-cut chassis allowed. It makes it easier for anyone to build a competitive car. This should make our side of the hobby more accessible. If one goes back through the heyday of our hobby there was always a mixture of commercially available and scratchbuilt chassis available.

As you know, slot racing has taken a back seat in my life and is going to do more so from next year when I start a full time popular music degree.

I have been able to build cars that should have been reasonably competitive for both Oaklands and Netley, easily without spending too much (precious) time on them. Unfortunately events conspired to keep me away on the day.

I also think that if they were to have been banned it should have been a year or so ago when their use first became common, to do so now is unfair on those who have already gone to the expense of buying them.

Just my opinion, others will vary


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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