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The future?

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The Elephant in the room?
This is not new, but recent developments in the quality and design of chassis available for 'classic' racing is causing some concern.
Not only 'Spring Steel Laser cut' but also the latest plastic Hi-Tech designs.
Are we all comfortable with this cutting edge design and build quality chassis as the way forward, or is it time to re-think what CSCRA is about?
The most important thing to remember here is...we are a very small group!
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Couple of things, there's a bit more to it than just fitting a Mack chassis into the flavor of the month resin body to be competitive!
At a lot of meetings I have been to I have seen [mostly the same] people struggling with what looks like decent kit, wrong gearing, bad gear mesh, badly set up guide's [ main reason!], wrong Ohm-age controllers, twisted/broken chassis Etc Etc. A lot of this is because they can't be bothered to sort there gear out before hand then complain on the day that there's a problem with the track, power, grip Etc Etc they become mobile chicane's causing grief to other competitor's! No expert here but you could probably get any car/chassis to work if the basics are covered.
The other thing is to have a weight penalty [mounted high in the body] if you must penalize the "technology"!
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