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The future?

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The Elephant in the room?
This is not new, but recent developments in the quality and design of chassis available for 'classic' racing is causing some concern.
Not only 'Spring Steel Laser cut' but also the latest plastic Hi-Tech designs.
Are we all comfortable with this cutting edge design and build quality chassis as the way forward, or is it time to re-think what CSCRA is about?
The most important thing to remember here is...we are a very small group!
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its hard work and takes some planning, but you can approximate a lazer cut spring steel chassis with a hacksaw and pillar drill. this would be a totally scratchbuilt chassis that only a few people would have the patience or skill to achieve. so where would a chassis like this stand in the scheme of things if you banned the mack type chassis. John
I think their will come a point when somebody puts a load of sensors on a a chassis and using a computer model will be able to put flex slots in all the right places to work with certain tyres and different track types ie rally and fast club type tracks. at the moment the chassis are designed by brilliant engineers who know what works and what doesn,t. but theres a certain amount of guesswork in it, like where to put the slots, how long, doubling up slots, if the chassis needs side or up down movement and so on. you wont ever get perfection, but I,d bet you would get quite near. and that includes plastic, lazercut and wire type chassis. John
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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