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Hi There,
Speaking as someone new to hard body racing, who has dabbled on the fringes of 'retro' racing this year, and who wishes to compete in the scene in future, the Richard Mack chassis are a great labour saving device when you are contemplating the 20 odd cars needed for a seasons racing !
It seems to me that the amount of power you can put down through rubber tyres is the limiting factor that evens out all the various chassis types, however from what I have read, the answer to this 'problem' already exists and is in place at some meetings.
The meeting is decided on a combination of concours points and racing points.
Concours marking should include a score for chassis build quality, and points are only awarded if the chassis is self constructed. Richard Mack should be the only person given points for using a Richard Mack chassis, Therefore no one is going to win the meeting using one (except Richard) but it still enables newcomers like me to have fun racing them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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