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Gary Skipp
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Hi everyone

I haven't raced CSCRA in a few years now but I have been following it, and I have of course been very busy writing my own sets of rule sand standards for my digital Le Mans race and new body, DiSCA. It is from the position of a technical author that I wish to join the discussion

For me, the fundamental reason for writing any rule is that there must be some justification as to why that rule exists. To put another way - it is my personal belief that no rule should exist just for the sake of there being a rule!

What would (the CSCRA) hope to achieve by the banning of laser cut steel chassis (or others - I presume the MrSlotCar McLaren has put the willies up you
), and why?

Do they cost too much? I would argue no, and the price may be considered small when compared to the overall 'investment' of time and money toward building a CSRCA race car and buying a capable throttle to drive it with. I don't think the scratch classes of the CSCRA has ever been the cheapest way to go racing, and of course the sporting regs fully support the use of RTR cars for those who do not want this level of investment.

Do they offer an unfair advantage? Not for me to answer having never used one, but I'd find it difficult to imagine they offer significant gains over anything one of the skilled chassis builders already produce. John Secci's post above elaborates on this pretty well.

Is there a fundamental technical reason why they can't be used? They seem to be fully compliant with the tech regs to me.

Mick's post above is totally logical and I myself do not see a reason to outlaw certain types of chassis design from one of the only avenues in (analogue) hard body slot racing that facilitates the use of scratch built (or even modified) cars.

Outside of the letter of the law;

Jon Grainger's post regarding the level of 'care' that goes into a scratch car rather than any old body plonked on top of an off-the-shelf chassis is, I suspect, the real reason why this has arisen. I do not dispute that it may be a problem, and although it is a tricky matter to handle, I must emplore that the way to fix this is not by banning the chassis. Think about it. The (potential) issue is with ugly bodies, so what on earth does banning a chassis do to fix that??? That's madness, you have to agree

I am speculating beyond the stated scope of this thread, but if (the CSCRA) wanted to address the issue of carelessly built cars, the way to do it may be with concours-biased competitions or other rules specific to the appearance of the body. While it is important to be inclusive, and I certainly respect the fact that every competitor is NOT interested in the concours, you must be careful about understanding and addressing the route cause of your issue.

QUOTE If we become to fixed on running stock chassis which we can all buy, it could potentially lower the enjoyment factor.

Although I appreciate that viewing other peoples creations can be half of the fun, I would respectfully argue that the enjoyment of your day is in your own hands, and you may build whatever you wish
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