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My golden era hasn't even started yet
Being born 25 years too late is one of the things that winds me up most. I'm sure I would have loved the 60's, because I love building and refining stuff. Anyway, I'll start from when I know...

My dad took my 7th birthday as an oppertunity to buy himself a Scalextric set. Luckily after beating him soundly too many times, I got to keep my birthday present.
I collected loads of cars up until just before my 13th birthday when I saw an advert in my local hobby shop for a club near me. I joined the following week and (apart from Christmas and New Year) have missed only 2 club nights since!
It was about 2 years ago when I really started to improve. An I joined another local club. I competed in my first European Grand Prix at 14, I think, and finished second to last. Competed in almost every Grand Prix since and last year achieved my best finish of 6th in Europe making two finals (6th in both). This year the European Series seems to have gone a bit crazy (Hornby cars and provided cars...) and so I didn't go to the first round in France. I will probably go to the British and Belgian rounds, but I'm not as interested as I used to be. My main non-club racing is done in 250GTO's London GT Championship where I finished 7th overall.
Though I have won many a team endurance race, I have never won an interclub event (had the misfortune of living 5mins away from probably two of the best drivers in the country), and only started winning club nights this year, when I finally got my car situation sorted out, and learned to be more consistant. Things are getting better all the time and hopefully someone will come up with a new national or international championship that I can get interested in.


PS. All above information relates to stock 'out-of-the-box' cars on plexi track racing. So when I mention championships and drivers that you have never heard of, that's why.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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