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"And now for something completely different" (yes, my cell phone rings to the tune of "Liberty") or - how to comment while adding no information:

For me, the "golden era" of slots was a period of hibernation. I started with Scalextric (rubber track and metal cars) in 1958, was scratch building by 1959 and literally closed up shop and packed away my cars in 1965 when funny things with odd shapes and fluorescent orange tires showed up at my local track in Southern California.

There was a brief re-awakening in 1982, the chief benefit of which was finding a local, small town Indiana hobby shop that was selling off all sorts of 1/24 cars by people like Cox, Monogram, Atlas, K&B etc. I bought a trunkful, the sale of which, over time, has gone a long way to financing -

My return to slots in 1995 when I made contact with the local group that I still race with via a notice in Greg Holland's VSRN. (Vintage Slot Racing Newsletter)

So - the period of anglewinders, rewound motors, plumber chassis, drop arms, rattle pans etc. etc. all passed me by.

On the other hand, imagine my reaction when, as someone awakened after many years in suspended animation, I saw a Fly Viper for the first time!

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