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I finally decided it was time for a permanent track; quite a feet as I live in a 2 bedroom flat.
But some space had come up in the spare room, and I was first to grab it

As the space is small I decided that the track had to have levels, as to how many I wasn't sure.
I used up all the track that I had, only to find that it didn't even do a loop.
Quick visit to Ebay and I had the basic track done:

I ended up having to get the software for 15e, it allowed me to get as many curves into the small space,
and to work out how to get the levels to line up.

Once I was happy with it, in came the MDF:

I am particular bad at woodwork, no matter how hard I try to get things straight and to the right length,
more often than not my straight line cut with a guide will be wonkier than someone else's free-hand jigsaw attempt.
So I have learnt to build my stuff with the errors hidden

I have got all the bridges and the like roughly in place, and, more importantly, got some LEDs in.

Cat5, where would we be with out you...


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Whilst I have no problem with wires, I am about as artistic as a ham and cheese sandwich from a garage.

I really wanted a futuristic landscape, I have spent ages looking through all the links and love all the mountains, but I am a Sci-Fi person.
However, after some looking, searching and checking out films, I have gone with mountains.
I can find help on how to build them on Net

I got some polystyrene from Ebay, lovely big sheets, some stone paint and a scroll saw.

I marked out what I wanted to cut using track onto the poly, and cut:

Wow! Have I just found a new and amazing thing, running poly through a scroll saw.
Its like a hot knife through butter, but you make shapes :0
Its the little things...

I know that they need roughing up, but I just couldn't stop cutting...

I took some off cuts up to the roof (third floor flat) and sprayed them with the stone paint.
I happen to have a couple of fish tanks in the room so painting in there is a no-no.
I will post some images of the results tomorrow.

So thats it for now, more to come.
Thats for all the inspiration on this forum, if it wasn't for it I wouldn't have tried to do this.

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