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The following rules are intended to encourage a pleasant experience for all members.

Please read them, and if you see any obvious violation of these rules, please notify the moderators by clicking on the closest "Report" button.

  1. Please refrain from personal attacks or other demeaning or acrimonious comments. The SlotForum community is a place to share interests, teach and learn but not to ridicule. Repeated warnings for abusive language will result in suspension of member privileges.
  2. Please remember that you are fully and legally responsible for everything you do on this site. SlotForum will not take any responsibility for anything you post, link to, or upload, or for any action taken as a result of your posts.
  3. Please keep the email address registered on your Slotforum profile up-to-date.
  4. Your signature is intended to be just that. It should not become distracting, and it should not be used for advertising. A graphic may be used which complies with the following size limitations.
  5. This is also true for your Member Name and / or Avatar. These are to be personal stylings, not used for advertising purposes.
  6. Photos in posts should be no larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels. The maximum number of photos you can use in one post is 25.
  7. Duplicate accounts are not allowed, please stick to one account each.
  8. You can enhance your privileges at SlotForum by upgrading to a Plus+ membership. Besides extra features such as increased Private Message space and access to the Image Gallery, Plus+ membership allows you to post items for resale in the Swap Shop.
  9. Listings in the Swap Shop should be resale items from your own collection. You may also list your Ebay auctions in the Swap Shop. You must be a Plus+ member to list in the Swap Shop.
  10. If you are joining SlotForum to sell your items, you must sign up under your real name, and purchase a Plus+ membership to list your items in the Swap Shop. Feel free to ask any Mods for help if you have questions.
  11. Please note that SlotForum is offered free to all members, however when you engage in any activities that result in you receiving money, then we ask that you pay a small fee to compensate us for our bandwidth and other operating costs. This includes simply listing your goods and asking about valuation.
  12. The Hobby Trader option (included with a Plus+ membership) is specifically tailored to slot enthusiasts who produce low volume slot products of interest to their fellow SlotForum members. Examples of this would be decals, resin body kits, tires or even respray services. The Hobby Traders Showroom is designed for this purpose, contact any mod for further information.
  13. Hobby Traders may offer limited advertising for their products in their signatures, with the usual restrictions on size.
  14. If you are a Retailer of Slot products there are options for you to advertise on SlotForum. Please contact us for more details.
  15. Kindly refrain from posting gratuitous links to other Websites or Forums for the purpose of free advertising. Such links will be deleted at the Moderators' discretion.
  16. Decisions by the Moderators are made as a team. If you wish to discuss the reasons for any act of Moderation please contact the Mods directly by PM. Public argument over a Moderation or disparagement of the Mods may result in suspension of member privileges.

If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to contact any of the Moderators for more information.
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