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I don't despise magnatraction, I even love AFX MT, and I've raced at the HOLMS24 event with much enjoyment.

But my heart lies with narrow well rounded dark grey silicones.
And the power slides you get from this.

Just one problem. Borders to slide out on.

Ever since I re-joined there's been discussions and revelations about how to make them.
But most fall on the simple fact that they have to be cut out, one way or another.
I went as far as to make moulds and pour them in PUR (resin plastic). But it's hard to make such an open area well that way.

Predominant in my musings have otherwise been plastic foam (as in polystyrene), rubber foam (as in camping mats?) and corrugated fibreboard and cardboard. And some sort of combination of them top make them level with the track.

But every solution end up at some sort of limitation. Usually to hard to cut in a good way.

Yesterday as I was enjoying my sans magna Tyco 440's etc I realised I had it the wrong way around.
It's not make the border level with the track, it's making the track level with the border!

Quickly I scrounged up some foam and corrugated.
I slid the foam board under the track and cut out the track from it. And removed that part.
You all know what happened now, right. The track is not as high as foam board. Some 6mm versus 10mm.

So back to the corrugated.
I cut it in strips as wide as the track and then cut these slightly shorter than said width. A bit of a rectangle that is.
These I then cut with a scissor into a round/oblong shape. Make many of them from the start, you'll need lots.

Back to the track with these roundels and put them under the track. As many as necessary to make the track level with the foam board. One pile under each track connection as a minimum. And if your track leave the foam, then at least one half high pile outside to make the slope out.

Yeah I know, it doesn't seem to stay flat and level.
So the next step is to grab a bunch of ordinary printer paper or some such and glue. Wood/PVA glue to make sure you don't start dissolve the foam board...

Spread glue on the paper and "slide" it in under the foam and track. Yeah, you of course don't slide it per se, but you know what how to do that.

For best effect I would add a narrow strip foam board on the inside of the track too. It make the whole assembly stay in place far better.
Better still, have the whole area you have your track on foam board covered and cut out the track from it. Put n the corrugated and replace the track.

(If you then glue this to high density foam board you are on your way to get a light and strong permanent track easily de-assembled and tucked away. Tucked away high as it won't be heavy.)

Good luck!

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The first thing I did when returning to slotcars was to rout a track. I've since routed in excess of ten tracks for my own use.
So for me that is not the problem.
I'm very well familiar with Brad's work. I've raced on the DHORC HOLMS24 track. And talked track routing with him at the same time.
And money permitting and a good source found I'll be routing more than the short test I've done so far in that material sooner or later.
So fine suggestions for sure.
And as noted I've even poured such myself in polyurethane, not your everyday work.

But that wasn't the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail was to have borders on your every day home track.
And that is what I achieved.

What I got together here is on the other hand something anyone can do at home.
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