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The ideal club meeting - What does it look like?

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What does the ultimate race meeting look like.

Ground rules

• This is a digital discussion, analogue racers contributions are welcomed but must be constructive and "analogue is better" is not constructive.
• The race meeting has at least 6 folk , one of which is a rookie adult - Children can come in only as honerary adults.
• The doors open at 18:30 hrs for play/chat/ad hoc testing. Official festivities finish at 22:30 and kick out is 23:00
• The track is up for the duration and packing away bits is not a time limiter.

My Straw man of the ideal race requirements-

1. Drivers should spend most of the time driving not marshalling.
2. Some time should be allowed for Chat, vital repairs, Confort breaks and tea (very English me).
3. More than one class to be raced in an evening , if your car class A breaks you have only lost half of the evening at most because you can race in class B.

This leads to some basic requirements/organisation

• Auto yellow flag is a requirement towards meeting (1) and is set at Race stop in current positions. All drivers may re-slot/check and re-align car (but not move) prior to the re-start.
• No marshals are available as none are required under yellow flag.
• The obligatary cards for re-slotting are as follows:-
• Utter rookies 1 card, They should be lapping well inside their abilities in formal racing and just getting into the scheme of things. They need to satisfy the marshals they are sufficiently capable of meeting reasonable standards before given Mid standard i.e with 3 cards they can reasonably expect to make the end of the race. 3 de slots in a lap is definitely back to Rookie without a VERY GOOD EXCUSE.
• Mid level, 3 cards but are not eligible for the elite championship.
• Top level 1 card (they should not be making mistakes). I have seen analogue racers come close to this anyway. Any mid level driver is welcome to upgrade to Elite, but can only count results toward the standard they are driving at the time. This will encourage mids to become elite. The one slot looks (to me) possible if the cars are of high quality (i.e.on my track with magnets are not prone to de slotting for no good reason). With less able cars this may have to be increased.

The meeting
• Class qualification periods 10 mins for each class. 5 min between periods. Two periods each (Class A Class B, ClassA, Class B,Time now 20:30.
• Racing proper Heats 3 (Class A, ClassB, ClassA) 10 min duration (or equivalent laps) 5 min between heats.
• Race interval 30 min.
• Racing proper Heats 3 (ClassB, ClassA, ClassB) 10 min duration (or equivalent laps) 5 min between heats.
• As its all computer regardless of whose system results for evening will be avialble in last 30 min of evening.

Result with two cars you get 40 min driving in qualify mode. 1 hr in racing mode. That is just under 2 hrs. This is a bit on the low side but probably acceptable. Should qualification be dropped 1 1 15 min session a bit longer for each and extend racing? Is ½ hour break too long for chatting/tweaking? More shorter heats?
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Top post UshCha - hope to learn a lot from it.

So far, I've managed to have two mates come around seperately, a few family members, and thats about it. Very short on clubs around here - but that might be changing over the winter, I hope.

Keep up the sound advice (and thanks for the tip about the Jag spoiler).
Some thoughts, but please bear in mind I've never been to a club night and only raced with a maximum of three peeps at a time!

If there is a small number of racers, 3 or 4 perhaps, then wouldn't track calls with reduced power for the rest be best - your responsibility to reslot your own car. Works well most of the time for me.

More than that, perhaps the race should be n - 1 in rotation , the person (Mr minus 1) sitting out that particular practice/quali/race is the marshall, race co-ord etc If many turn up, not an issue.
Thanks guys, you've just made me aware of one of my glaring newbie mistakes! The "race element" - self and pals are still falling for the "go like the clappers from the off" syndrome. Of course, it's all about finishing first, not being in front from the first wheel turn., which naturally leads to plenty of "offs".
QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 2 Oct 2011, 17:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>When we have that marshal, we usually run with "crash and pit" rules. If you come off, the marshal puts you back on as quickly as possible without pausing or slowing down the race. The drivers that came off, no matter the cause, then have to stop in the pit lane for a penalty. In most cases, that's a two second penalty. Without software to control that, we require the drivers to stop, say "One Mississippi Two Mississippi" before they can leave the pit lane. The race is then "back on" for those drivers.
I really like this idea, Mr.F.
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