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The ideal club meeting - What does it look like?

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What does the ultimate race meeting look like.

Ground rules

• This is a digital discussion, analogue racers contributions are welcomed but must be constructive and "analogue is better" is not constructive.
• The race meeting has at least 6 folk , one of which is a rookie adult - Children can come in only as honerary adults.
• The doors open at 18:30 hrs for play/chat/ad hoc testing. Official festivities finish at 22:30 and kick out is 23:00
• The track is up for the duration and packing away bits is not a time limiter.

My Straw man of the ideal race requirements-

1. Drivers should spend most of the time driving not marshalling.
2. Some time should be allowed for Chat, vital repairs, Confort breaks and tea (very English me).
3. More than one class to be raced in an evening , if your car class A breaks you have only lost half of the evening at most because you can race in class B.

This leads to some basic requirements/organisation

• Auto yellow flag is a requirement towards meeting (1) and is set at Race stop in current positions. All drivers may re-slot/check and re-align car (but not move) prior to the re-start.
• No marshals are available as none are required under yellow flag.
• The obligatary cards for re-slotting are as follows:-
• Utter rookies 1 card, They should be lapping well inside their abilities in formal racing and just getting into the scheme of things. They need to satisfy the marshals they are sufficiently capable of meeting reasonable standards before given Mid standard i.e with 3 cards they can reasonably expect to make the end of the race. 3 de slots in a lap is definitely back to Rookie without a VERY GOOD EXCUSE.
• Mid level, 3 cards but are not eligible for the elite championship.
• Top level 1 card (they should not be making mistakes). I have seen analogue racers come close to this anyway. Any mid level driver is welcome to upgrade to Elite, but can only count results toward the standard they are driving at the time. This will encourage mids to become elite. The one slot looks (to me) possible if the cars are of high quality (i.e.on my track with magnets are not prone to de slotting for no good reason). With less able cars this may have to be increased.

The meeting
• Class qualification periods 10 mins for each class. 5 min between periods. Two periods each (Class A Class B, ClassA, Class B,Time now 20:30.
• Racing proper Heats 3 (Class A, ClassB, ClassA) 10 min duration (or equivalent laps) 5 min between heats.
• Race interval 30 min.
• Racing proper Heats 3 (ClassB, ClassA, ClassB) 10 min duration (or equivalent laps) 5 min between heats.
• As its all computer regardless of whose system results for evening will be avialble in last 30 min of evening.

Result with two cars you get 40 min driving in qualify mode. 1 hr in racing mode. That is just under 2 hrs. This is a bit on the low side but probably acceptable. Should qualification be dropped 1 1 15 min session a bit longer for each and extend racing? Is ½ hour break too long for chatting/tweaking? More shorter heats?
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You must have noe heluva motor to get round the track and race on 50% speed. To help us understand,what sort of power do you set for pit lane limiter? It looks like I need much lower than 90% power for full tank speed.
The pit lane speed is set to 40 and the power avaliable to the drive at max throttle is 80

Also to note though we run stock Scalextric NASCARS but the cars run mag free as the track is a routed oval

I am still learning the settings for the best racing but it really comes down to what you like the best

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All interesting. As we only have a very short pit lane w use 25% is power. Cars are slow out of the pits and you have to be carefiul comming out of the pits not to cause a crash as the Start and finnish is the pit exit sensor. You pit lane speed looks much faster, good job the mechanics are plastic! ;-).
This topic is mine and was meant to be blue sky. Been thinking (dangerous that).

With the rise of the new systems (Scorpious for one) data becomes available like spit times (times between LC's), fuel burn etc. Will the true digital racer be allowed a "pit team"? He/it (it could be a personal computor plugged into the master data stream) would supplying split times, time vs fuel burn for the track. Supply fuel burn strategy, more strategic information on when to change lanes for best driving line at current fuel load and traffic status and current key oposition information i.e. where the championship leader is placed relatively.

This would mean that tracks would need to provide this data somewhere. Should there be a "pit area" away from the track as this may be easyer to supply data to a common point. Would pit teams be allowed to monitor other teams data stream? How many men in a pit team would be allowed.

This could be more like a re-enactment than a simple race but it could be fun all the same. Anybody done this? I for one would welcome a second pair of eyes. ;-).

Digital has lots of potential that may yet not have been dreamed of. Already Scorpious requires the driver you to set pit speed like the real thing, as opposed to SSDC that imposes it (thankfully ). Where can it end and when do we want it to end?
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I would say with the system it can go all the way as it only down to the computer software that you are running as such you don't have the powerbase running the race you have the pc doing all the work

The only thing that will hold it back is cost v demand as the system is more expensive than a basic scalex system and now much does it cost them to develop these systems if they make it back and some then it will keep going forward if not they won't

I get the feeling that Marizio has a passion for digital so maybe he has that as his ambition
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