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Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

I'm really happy you enjoyed, I'd not have so much enthusiasm to keep up work if there was no feedback! I really appretiate it!

Embs, you're right, DAS is such a nice clay and I'm an official fan...just wonder if DAS would like to sponsor me for all the advertisement I made of it!
I wouldn't refuse it.
Oh, don't worry about that chap stuck under the car...he was just removing debris from the brades!

Don, I promisse to have an aerial picture posted today, but first I have to clean off the mess! Oh...and here's the name of the shrub...folks here call this esponjinha but the scientific name is Calliandra brevipes. This plant makes also nice looking bonsai.

Bleep, thanks a lot for the link. I found one that is silver backed this one...I just need to know if the back is the side without glue.
And don't worry about postage...I'm used to it. more than half of the material I purchase comes from outside the country. (And half of my money goes do Miss Rousseff at customs!)

And thanks for sharing the link. It's beautiful and very inspirational. Love his trees.

Cabb, thanks! Yes, my buildings are scratch built. I made a section at my website that shows how it was done.

Maran, sorry for not publishing it before but I'm a bit too busy. Will post in the brazilian forum this evening, promisse!

> Well, I hope to come back in a few hours with the track taped.
see you


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I just can't wait to see a video of the whole scenery and the cars running. Congrats for your fantastic job. Personally, I think is so important that the layout of a circuit like the look and scenery. I think you're one of those like me, are entertained as well as racing and building a model.

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ZITAT(Ember @ 4 Feb 2012, 04:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>... I know I saw someone using silver coloured tape at one stage, (maybe Thib?) but I wouldn't know from where they bought it.

Hi Leo,

very great job as always... Funny how things go sometimes: I had an e-mail-contact with thib these days because of the silver-tape he used. Here is the link he send me. Try to google "tiffany glass coppertape silver", too and you will find someone selling it in your postarea.

Regards Jens

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Hi all,

I have just made some modifications to the track today and here I am for a little update. I expected to have the track taped in a few hours but I've underestimated the difficulty to do it without tape dispenser and other adequate tools and made it using my bare hands (and nails...which of course are all scratched now
for the sake of slot racing). But after one day the work is finally done!

Well but the real fun has not yet begun and the track is yet to be powered (under wiring). This should be done by this week.

And, before it has been taped, I had an hour of fury and removed all the old grass without thinking twice, and applyed my new grass...can't help it.... it is much better!

begining taping...and the new conifers I made yesterday.

A pause for stretching and here we go again for more tape laps...


This is the only angle that I can fit the entire track in one shot. Notice that much is yet to be done, but I hope to complete, at least the basic scenery in one year...well the other 10...


Work is done...for today.

So true! But finding miniatures in our scale is a hard task have to count on luck sometimes.

@Bleep, @Jens
I have discovered that the back is actually the side with it won't suit us...but I found one manufacturer in the US (before I checked Kellerkind's message) that makes silvered copper tape both sides, it is Venture tape; code 1660. I will order two for test.

Thanks for your kind words!

Yes sure! Indeed I enjoy building scenery and racing in the same level. Well, unfortunately my camera (nikkon d70) doesn't make movies, I'd have to order one that does or lend someone's.

You are welcome, please stop by often!

kind regards!

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Not so long ago everyone was happy with the standard flock grass. Now the static is the thing (even if the model rail guys have been using it for ages, we are just a little slow to catch on). I still haven't taken the plunge on my track (it will happen when the rains come) but I have been mighty impressed with the way the garage diorama has stood up to nearly 14 months of abuse, having rulers, calipers, scissors and assorted other tools constantly sat, dropped and stored on it.

The improvement in the look is most definitely worth the effort.
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