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The most beautiful F1 car ever made

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I guess the picture speaks for it self...hmmm...just look at those lines

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Check the nose, Larsson! Getting rid of that rad improves things no end. But I sympathise- anything with a Lotus badge is pretty damn gorgeous as far as I'm concerned. I'd love to see more models of cars from this era- and more Lotuseses in general!
You poor, poor, sad, deprived youth. What is the world coming to?
Anyone got a nice picture of Diana they can post to help McLaren out?
It would do me a power of good too....
Oh my god. Diana Rigg in a 250 Maser. I'll never get to sleep tonight.

A whole new thread beckons- the right woman in the right car. Since Jordan would probably not fit in a Jordan (you can read that whichever way around you like), that narrows the field slightly.
How about Barbara Windsor in Sid James' Mini?

Carry on...
You have one in your living room, Rail?

Do you sit in the cockpit to watch the telly of an evening?
1 - 4 of 70 Posts
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