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The most beautiful F1 car ever made

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I guess the picture speaks for it self...hmmm...just look at those lines

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That Lotus from 77 was a crate of sh** then and would be even more so by the eighties. As for the Jordan 191 that MS drove briefly, it was pretty and effective, but I often wonder if it would have been half so idolised were it not for the green 7Up livery (BTW, 7Up paid very very little and there are hardly any decals when you examine it.)

I liked the ground- effect cars, especially the 82 era. Of course all that wind tunnel work led to cars being identi-kit as they are today.

I'm working my way through the excellent new video/dvd collection of 1970s Grand Prix. I'm up to 1973 and have to say the cars were more diverse back then. Inspiration untamed by testing - fantastic!

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Not sure if anybody has already said this, but this Ferrari..

... is a prototype ChampCar (from the late 80s' I think). Enzo was bluffing the F1 rulers that he'd had enough of Grand prix and was off to race in the USA. Building the car just added weight to the bluff. Not sure if it ever ran in anger, but as history records Ferrari hung around in F1.
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