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The NEW INDY Cars, Is anyone making them ?

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Just watching the 3rd race of this years INDY CAR series ( shame there is not as many Ovals this year )

I was wondering if any manufacture has any plans to make them ?

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Woah there. I think you are really reaching there, and it is also a bit condescending.

The reason that you do not get 'the problem' is that there isn't one as far as I can see. Some people like something, some don't, big woop. The 'problem' only comes because you asign 'flaws' to those who don't agree with you.

I think the DW12 is extremely ugly. This does mean anything beyond the fact I think it extremely ugly. There is nothing else 'clear' in the statements of those who think the same unless they choose to explicitly add them.

I'm a realist. Advances in aero mean that cars are going to look very different to their clean-lined predecessors. Some look good, IMHO, some look terrible, IMHO, and there is nothing more to it than that, and certainly nothing as sick as what you prescribe.
QUOTE (Mick Kerr @ 16 Apr 2012, 15:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>They must be the ugliest cars Dallara have ever made.

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There's lots of liveries to be made though, and these cars will stay the same shape for years, they'd be perfect for Scalextric Start, a chunky shape and the rights to produce would be cheaper than F1 teams... probably.
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Still no one doing these cars

Missing a trick scalextric me thinks

Anyone seen any 1/32 scale plastic cars of them anywhere for a body transplant
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I think you underestimate how long it takes to bring a new car to market.
At least wait until after the Nurnberg toy fair before assuming it won't happen this year.
But really, it's just a question of time. If this is what the cars look like now, then someone will be making slot cars of them.
I quite like the look of them, just wish I'd been able to see some of the racing this year (don't have murdochvision). However, I think they make good slot cars and possible make for good close racing as you wouldn't tangle wheels quite so much.
Hope someone does decide to make them (maybe in the same manner as All Slot Car [Ostorero] ????)

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