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The North Finchley Grand Prix

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This coming Wednesday 14th April.

Always on the lookout for fresh victims ...
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Should be there, might be an idea to give the track a clean as it looks as if a bunch of freeloading travellers have spent a week living on it!

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Great to see Chris Musto back in action last night and to hear that his daughter's health is improving so rapidly.
It's just a shame that he had to go and 'drive' John Crocker's F1 car in one of his races. Who would have thought that a 4 lane track could contain too many red GP Ferraris for Chrisso?

Not laughing really,
As far as I'm aware, it's D3 F1 time at North London again this coming Wednesday, 29th September.


Quite correct Low, and i shall be there as well, cheers steve
A small but select bunch turned up this week for the D3 F1 race. John Crocker was back on fine form, cracking jokes all night, Chopper chopped and Cliff was his usual dangerous self, and the beer and barmaids were as good as ever. The final was very close between Low who top qualified and Chris Musto. Cliff was the other finalist. From the off it looked like Low was setting the pace until a coming together with Cliff. This put Chris in the lead but Low spent the rest of the race hauling him in a retook the lead, until 10 seconds to go, another tangle with Cliff dropped Low back to second where he stayed with Chris taking the flag.

1. Chris Musto 33.86
2. Steve (Low) 33.41
3. Cliff Bicknell 30.80
4. Allan Feldman 24.47
5. John Crocker 24.08

F32 in two weeks

Cheers steve
I love Cliffy.
Kebabed and slow roasted ... or deep fried in boiling oil? I haven't decided yet.
He's invited round for dinner, you know?

Thanks for the quick report, Steve. Congratulations to Chris on a fine race and managing to avoid trouble.
Now get the Ecurie Francis F1 car sorted out for next time.

Hi All
Weather permitting its D3 F1's this coming Wednesday.
Its track cleaning as well so we should have a good turn out!
Mr Francis told me that he should have the 2011 calendar posted before the end of the year.
Doors open [i hope!] at 7.30pm till just before the Xmas drink up down the local.
Hope to see you all.
Sorry chums- as I thought, family commitments in this joyous season mean I have to miss this.

Have a great night. Happy Christmas to all and sundry (especially the sundry) and I'm looking forward to whatever new classes you want to bring on in 2011.

Thanks for everything during the old year too- some great racing and good drinking.
Further apologies from the Lowrider garage, I'm afraid.
Crazy Week at work is taking it's toll and bed rest is still the most effective cure I know.

I look forward to racing again in the new year as well as simply hanging out with my friends.
I'm happy to race whatever class of cars that are decided on. I'd quite like something hard bodied but that's my only preference.

If anyone's out and about in the next couple of weeks, the Power of Soul are playing at The Old Crown, near Hayes and Harlington station, on Christmas Eve and Flanagans on Uxbridge Road in Hayes on New Year's Eve.
Bring your dancing shoes!

Best regards and season's greetings,
Hi I will endeavour to go is anyone coming tonight??
Regards Allan
Yet again, had to work late, only just got in so sorry chaps i aint gonna make it, have a good christmas and i`ll try again to make it in the new year, cheers steve
Hi All
It's D3 F1 again this Wednesday night, doors open at 7.30pm till late.
I had an idea it was 1:32 night #1.

At least I have a D3 F1!
Yup- at least it gives me another couple of weeks to work out what sort of 1/32 to build...
I wonder if someone has a spare car for me ...

I will also need a lift from Central Finchley or East Finchley (I am staying near this station) !

Best regards.

André Acker.
I have a spare car for you.
Call me Wednesday afternoon regarding a lift.
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