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The North Finchley Grand Prix

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This coming Wednesday 14th April.

Always on the lookout for fresh victims ...
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Ok, thanks my friend !

Take care.

André Acker.
John's spare car might be a bit quick- you could use mine Andre, in which case I might actually have someone to race against...
Hope all are well. See you on Wednesday.

Cheers. Chris
Good to know you can make it Chris.
An excellent night's racing - my car didn't hit the floor once!

Very nice to see guest André with us again and a creditable drive from him with a pair of borrowed cars.
André on the left, Chris Musto on the left.

A very different kind of racing on Wednesday week ...

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Is that all you have to do to win? Keep it off the floor? Darn. Now I know....

Agreed, excellent night's racing- thrills, spills and humour. And the beer was better too. Good to have Andre with us.
Erm ... Chris Musto on the RIGHT.

It's always a pleasure when you're with us, Milord.
Can anyone posting the race results for D3F1?
Thanks Allan
sorry allan busy week with the band, here goes
1. Steve Kempson 35 laps
2. John Secchi 32
3. Chris Musto 31
4. Steve Francis 28
5. Andre Acker 28
6. John Dilworth 26
7. Allan Feldman 27.13
8. John Ovens 11 rtd

Hard bodied 32nd next week, 61-65 F1 and pre 64 sports

cheers steve
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Hi All
It's D3 F1 again this Wednesday night, doors open at 7.30pm till before last orders.
The track had some much needed braid repair carried out last Wednesday night by myself, Ian Fisher and a little help from Caz, thanks to them both.
Hi Fred
No we don't do concours prizes on club nights, but if it will tempt you ALL the way from Essex to pay us a visit then you can have a prize but only if its your birthday!

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Hi Guys

There is a chance I may make it this Wendsday. Will lord John be there!!
Hi Loud

It will save a bit of postage if you're there. I have a box o'bods all ready for the mail...

His Lordship.
Hi Guys

Well it looks as if I may be there. See you tommorow

David F
Great night for the Finchley Grand Prix! Lots of bumps n' jumps and thrills. Good racing! Cool atmosphere greatly enhanced by the presence of Mr Loud 'Oh this old thing? I threw it together this morning' Bloke, who sailed to the second step of the podium while exchanging banter with all & sundry all the way. Congrats to th'Lowrider on a smmmmoooth ride to the top, commisses to the uncharacteristically technically blighted Chris Musto and John Secchi, but thanks to Alan 'Chopper' GT40 for giving me a race at the back. Despite the various moves for which he is rightly named. I think all the cars survived.
The Bodies for Beer Co. scored 1 pint.
A satisfactory evening. Thanks everyone. I shall have to miss next time though.
Yes, a hot time in the old town last night.
Thanks for your kind words, How. Emma Peel looked as sultry as ever ...

Le Grand Prix du Finchley Nord, c'est this Mercredi.
Let the formation flying begin!

I assume it was the usual full house last night, how did I do by the way?

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