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The Pancake Cup Video

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Here you go here's 3m 33sec of your life you'll never get back

Apologies for the poor quality, camera's carp
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As usual Paul very well done mate that was brilliant

What was up with my leg, hmmm don't remember doing that, looked as if someone was pulling my strings

Great weekend topped-off by a great vid.

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Cheers Lee, it was indeed a good fun event and a great day

Here's a pic to give more of an idea of the track layout

And another of 1 of the starts

Can't wait to see the pics Lee took they will be much clearer and hopefully show the cars in more detail
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Excellent video.
I do like the F1 cars. Were some of those the old Aurora type?
They're all old Aurora G+ cars and bodies.
Nice bit of video Paul, not that bad a quality at all. Thanks for doing it
A very enjoyable video Paul! I'm impressed you caught my drinking and driving on camera. It's just a shame I crashed as I was taking that second sip...
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Excellent video Paul and good choice of tuneage there too. I am a Kinks fan!

Funny seeing Martin winning another F1 event but with such different machinery. Mind you I almost didn't recognise him without the customary lucky blue shirt! Must be an EAHORC thing.

When I saw the Lotus Essex in the early shot I was thinking Tony was going to be insanely brave and race it!

P.S. Bring on the concours photos!
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