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QUOTE (PAULH @ 30 Oct 2004, 09:22)who remembers typing in 100's of lines of dos codes etc for days and weeks just to see a matchstick man run across the screen and the sense of achievment it gave you !

or the dreaded error message which told you one of the 100's of lines was typed incorrect

my first big computer
was a commodor 64 complete with datacorder then i had a amstrad cpc 464 that was the dogs


Wow - that was me at the age of 8... my dad bought me a commodore Vic 20, with the Words "you make your own games boy". This thing had a tape drive, no disks. I used to sit for hours, working out code, colour refernces... and for a bloomin "Syntax error" to occur, and I would have to read through my whole 1000 lines to find a simple comma in the wrong place, or a blooming space too many.

ooo - wasnt that fun.... now, I pop down the shop or trawl the internet to find games..... I progressed on to an Amstrad C128.... and that was after the Acorn Electron..... oo the memorys..... As for pcs of today, well.... I darent go buy another, or a divorce would be on the cards Im sure.....Ive got 2 sat on my desk with another on the way to go in the loft. That one should have my new 150 gig harddrive, which some how now holds 10500 mp3's...... some serious mucis taste....

Pc's - you gotta love em....

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