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Before I get flamed for writing off subject, I just want to say that seeing as we all use computers, this may hit home with some of you.

I started off computing in 1983 with a 16 K Sinclair ZX-81 that almost made me fail my high shool finals as an uncle of mine lent it to me just as I started studying for my exams. My first real computer a few years later was a 16 MHz machine that I bought for my Dad's medical practice. I was so proud to buy a 16 MHz machine with a 20 MB hard drive. Double the power and double the diskspace of the computers of my peers. We bought a modem with it: a 9600 baud Hayes device. For a year or two I had nowhere to call with it.

I then bought a 33 MHz machine as I went to university - this was the top machine and then people thought that it couldn't get any faster. I actually had a dream then that I would get a 1000 MHz machine one day and out-compute everyone else. What a fantasy.

When I came to France in 1993 I bought a 66 MHz box - double the speed of my old one - wow! This time with a ZoomFax modem and a Free CompuServe try out. I was the 200th French CompuServe client (they had sequential numbers in those days).

When I started working in computers and running my Internet service providing company I had a succession of machines: 200, 400 & 600 MHz. Glory days and happy as hell at being able to by the best-of-the-best whenever I wanted.

I felt that it was important to have the best computer available as the software of the time - Microsoft Office and such was much too demanding for the average computer. We were always waiting for things to process.

I bought a 1000 MHz machine in 2000. It was the first one to hit the market and I paid for it - ouch. I had the machine to end all machines. For the first time and for a few years, I had a machine that was fast enough to run any software and still have enough oomph left to have fun on. But after a while it also clunked up. I added memory and a 128 graphics card and still it works.

Habits change and I feel that it is my right nowdays to want to do 10 things at once. To write email, to browse the web (multiple times -even with tabbed browsing), to chat, to write HTML, to upload, to calculate prices in Excel and to dabble in Photoshop all at the same time.

It's become a little slow and I find that I'm waiting more and more for things to process. It reminds me of the early days.

Today I'm moving to a 3.6 GHz machine as it takes me forward for the next few years. The 1 GHz machine will go to the track to run RMS

The new machine will run my business, let me play games, record my TV programs and play them back. It will on one 400 GB disk do what I did before on 6 disks. It will be quiter, cooled with a liquid coolant and it will be able to write to CDs and dual layer DVDs as easy as the first machines wrote to 5¼ inch floppys.

Aren't computers great
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