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QUOTE (Nuro @ 29 Oct 2004, 20:58)I started off computing in 1983 with a 16 K Sinclair ZX-81...

So did I, as you can probably guess from my username! Actually I started off with the 1K base version but quickly added the 16K RAMPACK, using a large blob of blu-tack to prevent the dreade d wobble.

I moved on to the 48K ZX Spectrum when it came out... I still remember the first game I bought, the release of Jet Set Willy and the first Ultimate Play The Game game I bought. Those were the days.

Now I type this on a astonishingly beautiful and quietly powerful dual processor Apple G5 and one of Apple's equally gorgeous new 23" aluminuium flat displays, running the coolest UNIX OS in the world... so yeah. computers are great... just not Windows ones
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