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My first was a Spectum 48k too, it came free with a car my dad bought (Renault 9). Aah the good old days, Nigel Mansells Grand Prix World Championship and a fizzy pop in the spare room...( I can still remember it, rubber keys, 'A' hard left, 'S' shallow left, 'D' shallow right, 'F hard right, 'P' accel, 'L' brake, 'Space' change gear)

Now, the two things I hate the most are computers and cars. As sources of entertainment they are both fantastic fun (cars especially) but as things we need to rely on every day for work and life they are annoying tempremental nuisances that you live in fear of them going wrong and emptying your wallet.

So with that in mind, what do I do for a living, oh yeah, I travel around the country, by car, teaching people how to drive fast, in a car, then spend the rest of the time running an internet based business from home on a computer... Somethings not right here...

To make it worse, cars are now full of computers, and they are even making their way into my safe haven of slots...
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