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I had gained access to a main frame on a secure military base back in '76 or so. First thing I did was play games on it
Back then they had a HUGE hard drive they were trying out. This thing was a stand alone machine all by itself. About 3' tall, 2' deep and 4' wide with a clear glass top and a rotating metal cylinder inside. I think they said it held ten megs of data. The rest of the computers were using tape reels. All their stuff was made by Sperry-Univac.

Of course, all of this is just from my memory. The same memory that can't remember where it left a beverage I was drinking just a moment ago

I still play with computers today. Only now I can work on computers anywhere in the world and never leave my house. Jeeze, that sounds kind of scary

When I did heavy duty gaming I always had the fastest stuff out there. Now I'm an occasional gamer and don't need high powered equipment. So my home network is only more powerful than 60% of the nation today instead of 97%
I'm actually starting to do more with less. The software tools I use will work just as well on a 3 ghz box as they do on a 400 mhz laptop so I don't bother updating as much anymore. My current desktop box is just a 2.4C Intel (800 mhz FSB) with a gig of PC3200 DDR in dual channel mode. I actually use an old PII 400 laptop to lay the smack down on the naysayers. Of course, I primarily do Unix systems administration so high powered consoles aren't needed

Good grief, you got me talking about computers. There are two subjects you never want to get me started on, cars and computers. I'll talk your ear off
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