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Ha ha! I work on them all day as well, but it's a whole 'nother thing when I sit in front of the box for fun and Slotforum.

I started out programming as a hobby on a Vax, writing text-based games. I was so hooked that during the summer I wrote a 10,000 (or more) line game program by hand just itching to get back into the lab to actually run the darn thing. It ran!! And the other kids would show up to play at lunch and after school.

Then on to Apple IIe, NEC APC (CP/M 86 OS), then a DOS IBM PC with dual 512k floppies. My business programs at work ran off drive A and the data was on drive B... (Hard disk? What's that?) I started building and selling boxes and have about 3 at home now. I waterfall systems to my wife and slot racing fun.

Computers are much more powerful that most folks need. I just want my games and graphics to shock and amaze me.

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