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The question is: Artin good or bad?

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Just asking the question.
Since I started installing sensors in track I have seen a lot of different track and my latest is Artin. My opinion is this, if I had found Artin 1/32 before SCX and Scaley I would be running Artin right now and loving it and I would have a lot more cars because I would have saved a bundle on the cost of track.
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Artin has a heck of a lot going for it.
Firstly the price, particularly in sets, and it is the easiest track there is to assemble and disassemble. Mr Gorp reckons it is made in the same factory as Carrera and that is no bad thing.
The one thing that is not going for it is availability in UK and Europe!
So, if anyone knows anything of availability over this side of the pond, please let's hear it!
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Artin is on the up-and-up
Their web site is not the most elegant I have ever seen but is well worth a look.

Artin Home Page

1/32 Products
Allegedly soon to be available in UK, their USA car price translates to less than £12 apiece(!) though I would expect UK VAT to boost that a little. The prices of their sets. particularly the 4-laners, are going to frighten the crap out Scalextric, if they make it to our shores.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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