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Hey everyone, haven't done one of these for a while, and I was bored today so decided to get the camera and the slot cars out

At the end of my last one of these, the Mustang had just escaped the police and stumbled along the BMW;

The Mustang driver, still riding high on the adrenaline of running from the cops, is in the mood for more fun, so he catches up with the Beemer as they leave the woods

He tries to coax the BMW into a race, but the driver is having none of it, so instead the Mustang goes for the overtake

And cuts him off sharply

The BMW spins out trying to avoid a collision

And the Mustang driver speeds away, thinking that that will be the end of it

The BMW spins back to face the right direction, and takes off in pursuit of this fool

The Mustang driver sees him coming and puts his foot to the floor

But the road is straight and the BMW is faster, so it catches up in no time

And in all the excitement, neither one has been paying attention to what is up ahead

The BMW goes for it, but the Mustang chickens out

He makes the jump

While the Mustang skids to a halt...

Not a moment too soon!

And it is the BMW's turn to drive away leaving the other humiliated

Just another bit of fun, hoped you enjoyed
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