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Mecoprop, the common use of 'NIMBY' is an acronym for "Not In My Back Yard".

It describes a person or group trying to keep some desireable, or not, feature away from themselves or their neighbourhood, e.g. a nuke power plant, prison, mobile phone tower etc. along the lines of we all agree we need one, just not in my back yard.

The term is thought to have been coined in the '70's by an industrial designer in Margate UK, responding to reluctance of US model car racers to want to steer their cars around little stone castles, flower borders and other objects commonly found at racing tracks while furiously pushing buttons to manage sounds and fuel gauges.
Apparently there was a mistranslation of market research to the question "Wouldn't you just love to drive your car around and through SimulStone castles and flower borders installed tastefully on your layout?" Many American respondents replied "Not In My BrickYard" - a reference to Indy of course - but an unfortunate typographical error saw the entire US research discarded as a case of Not Invented Here and the term "NIMBY" was coined.
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