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I challenge Tropi, Mecoprop, Wankel and any other nimby to have a go right now this month at a Scalextric SPORT World type experiance from home! No need to get cold and wet. Wankel, borrow some track and RMS. There are no excuses!
Call it "Euro Wars"

All you need is SPORT track and a few borders (say no more than circuit 4) and RMS. Cars can be sorted out later but surely you all have a few MG Lola's, GT40's, TVR's, NASCARS, or whatever. Has to be magnet racing though to get you used to the format.

We then simply agree on a race ciruit design, agree on a 50 lap 10 heat event or whatever, set the cars up, meet in the SCI chat room one evening, and have a go!

Only then can you say what you do and don't like about the experience and how it could be improved.

It is time to throw down the gauntlet to the big shots around here.

Heh! Heh! Are they all talk or can they really race!

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