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The sixties!

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Just read a post here about 60's era F! cars. Though these are not true scratch builds they are kits and as such worked on and massaged a great deal. The MRRC kits run their old brass chassis. The Ferrari and the BRM kits came from Pendleslot by post in a week to Canada. The Eagle was from Fantasy World on the west coast of the US of A and took a bit longer at the time to get to me (searched for weapons of mass destruction I think). I digress. With these chassis I glue in a plasic cross brace under the pinion and attach a button magnet as I run on Scaley classic track (not glass smooth so why suffer). The motors vary. MRRC new red can (very hot), Falcon (very hot) and a (hot). So to manage the handling my son and I turn down the voltge fron the usual 14 to 12 or 10. Makes for fast, 60's racing! The Indy Rodster on the other hand is an EJ's Kit stright from his internet sight. One of a pair. They come with vacume formed bodies and plastic drivers and details. I've never worked with a clear vac car before so I'm pleased with how they turned out. I did the same"magnet trick " to tweak the handling. Next project may be a tad more scratch. I noticed BWA has a new milled brass motor bracket so I'm going to coble a few things together under a vintage Copper F1 if I can find a body at Pendles and see what happens. Enjoy the piccs.

Good day,eh!
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