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1 Thou shall never, ever, ever, ever, speak of "scale speed" (Unless thou wishes to appear of unsound mind)

2 Thou shall not worship the Scalextric idol (Unless thou owns several mint Bugattis)

3 Thou shall not play with thy Cox all the time (Unless thou wishes to go blind)

4 Thou shall not count rivets on thi neighbour's car (Unless thy neighbour's wife is rather buxom)

5 Thou shall drive cars built to reasonable scale (Unless thou can gain a sneaky competitive advantage)

6 Thou shall not use thick wires on thy guide (Unless it is dayglow pink and thou is under the age of 7)

7 Thou shall not use photo etched parts on thy vintage cars (Unless thou wishes to attract the wrath of "Hinge and Bracket")

8 Thou shall race expensive collectable cars if thou wishes (Even if thy neighbour deems thou to be of unsound mind)

9 Thou shall not drive cars fitted with neo magnets and/or overwide tyres (Unless thou is absolutely certain to get away with it)

10 Thou shall not worry about the colour of Jim Clark's helmet (Unless thou wishes to be deemed of unsound mind by thy neighbour with the rather buxom wife)

Now you've seen mine, let have a look at yours!!


PS : Thou shall not rely solely on THY spellchecker

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Amen brother Joel.

Here`s a few of mine.

Thou shalt not worship Gods bearing false gifts of Inox.

Beware of the prophet digital.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours layout.

Thou shalt not take the name Scalextric in vain.

Thou shalt not kill, nor kick thy Grandmother to get that c70 Bugatti.

Thou shalt not speak the words "Shelf Queen".

Thou shalt not give your friend the slow lane.

Thou shalt not give false account of the size of your track to other Forum members (we are not fishermen).

Thou shalt not hide parcels from your spouse (unless the bitch is not looking).

Love thy Jouef.


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Thou shalt enjoy thine racing whatever thou decideth to race

Wherever more than one shall gather, first shall they enter into thine fettling, then embrace the ritual of the gluing and the truing , then only shall they enter into the joyous communion of the racing of the cars

Blessed is he who alloweth his neighbour to race his own way and critisiceth not said neighbour, for he shall gain inner peace


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Some of mine

Thou shalt remember thou art a middle aged man playing with toy cars
If thoust is not enjoying with thy toy cars, then play a different game with aforementioned toy cars
Thou shalt endeavour to race with as few rules as possible
Thou shalt also try to remember that having fun is more important than winning
Thou shalt not say "second place is first loser" when one does win
Thou shalt keep an open mind about playing with different sizes and formats of toy car racing
If thou crashes then thou will remember that it was thy fault for crashing and not shout at the marshal to hurry up
Thou shalt apologise after the race to marshalls when thou has been abrupt with them
Thou will not blame outside factors for not winning and will accept that it was thy own's lack of skill
Thou will have fun

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QUOTE (dgersh @ 24 Mar 2012, 10:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Perhaps we should ask "The God of Scalextric"?


no point, false god . . . . . idols made of plastic and all that.

1) Thou shalt have fun ( or thy fellow slotters will take thy cars and stand on them for you - to save you doing it yourself)

2) Thou shalt not stop they fellow slotter from having fun

3) thou shalt not cast judgement upon thy fellow slotters car, driving, kitbox, tools, tuning skills, scenery, track building, etc

4) Thou shalt not ask "is Ninco classic the same as group C, or "is my scaley A1GP a GT car?" (for the 20 umpteenth time) - because we all have limits to our patience.

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Good thread Joel.
Humour and wit, something lacking in some of the more inane threads recently posted on S/F.
It would be nice to see if this thread runs to a page or two, might improve this Forums intellectual content!
I, being a heathen Slottist, worshiper of the Devil's furnace stocker 'Grip' have no commandments to add.
Regards Bill.
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