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QUOTE (grimboracer @ 11 Sep 2011, 19:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>American mussle cars would be good
would like to race these as a class on the analoge track awell.
the pioneer cars look great and will be buying some of these for my own track.
The pioneer cars do look good and they are bringing out cameros &cudas soon to.
Unfortunately they don't run on the main track without magnets.
The scalextric camaros do with a guide change and some weight.
I think the scx plymouth cuda should to.
I have sugested this as a class but didn't get enough votes.
If this is a class we run on the oval would everyone prefer to run it as we do with the
ford taurus nascars or we all supply our own cars?
It would be interesting to see if the racing is as close should we all run our own cars.
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