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The three year itch!!!!

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After having my last track for three years I decided on totally starting again.
For me slot cars are more about model making than the racing. I enjoy a few Sunday laps but very rarely have a race night.
My old track was a mixture of sport and classic and included the old classic pit lane, LeMann start and Goodwood Chicane.

My new track is much simpler and will eventually focus more on the scenary.
Its also designed to fold up as I have an old car and may need the space to do work on her over the winter.
Here are a few shots of the early stages.

Table folded up.

First nearly completed section

Picture with the tradtional beer can in the background

So far I have completed just about an 1/8th of the track.

Cheers Geoff
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This is obviously the work of someone with lots of patience!

Just so you are not rushed to produce pictures before you are ready, could you post a diagram of your layout. That should satisfy the masses while you continue on your excellent work!

Keep up the great work!

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Sounds great. It is often refreshing to see what is described as a "simple layout" look terrific with proper scenery.

I look forward to your pictures!

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Don't apologize Geoff, you are ahead of many, including me, in doing scenery, let alone a final layout!
Keep up the good work.

Hmmmmm seems like some one has been collecting popsicle sticks, eh?

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Can't wait to see what you will do with them next!

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