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The three year itch!!!!

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After having my last track for three years I decided on totally starting again.
For me slot cars are more about model making than the racing. I enjoy a few Sunday laps but very rarely have a race night.
My old track was a mixture of sport and classic and included the old classic pit lane, LeMann start and Goodwood Chicane.

My new track is much simpler and will eventually focus more on the scenary.
Its also designed to fold up as I have an old car and may need the space to do work on her over the winter.
Here are a few shots of the early stages.

Table folded up.

First nearly completed section

Picture with the tradtional beer can in the background

So far I have completed just about an 1/8th of the track.

Cheers Geoff
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Plenty of character in the old garage. I like it.

Ah yes. There's a feeling I know well. Ever considered sanding tiny weatherboards?
Isn't it silly the things we put ourselves through.
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Brilliant! Now... you need some scale flies buzzing around that loo. And the bog-roll does look a little neat and tidy.
Love the pub! The yard should be a prime position for watching the cars fly by.

The reflection looks a bit like a former Aussie PM, now foreign minister.

Great work, Sir. Please continue.
QUOTE (cabb77 @ 25 Nov 2011, 08:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So am I famous?
Probably not. Supplanted by a ginga.
Mole hills!
Looks terrific.
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I can't take credit for the gluing tip. I got it from Leo Cerante. He used the stuff for cobbled roads and everything. Another worthwhile note is that it's also available in Terracotta colour these days, which was a bonus discovery for me.

Still hate the smell. Nothing like the smell of good, proper clay, but the shrinkage factor is no where near the 12% average of straight clay either.

I've fallen in love with DAS all over again!

The forge looks brilliant. So much so that His Lordship instantly recognised it as such when I showed him the photos.
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The Britains stuff is great when you manage to find the right thing. Still got all my old farm animals from when I was a kid, trouble is they're all the wrong sort of critter for what I need.

The phone box fits in nicely but I don't think that fellow is going to be able to make it through the door.

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Even better. Means it was probably cheaper.
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I can quite understand why you're pleased. Cute as a button.

Thatched roof makes for so much character. I'm jealous. Choice around here is basically tin or tile and on very rare occasions, slate.
What a great sight with my breakfast coffee, two old chaps outside the post office having a natter. The warm glow through the leaded window is spot on. LEDs are usually too cold in colour, it's why I used a bulb to light the shed.

Looks great Cab.
Well, well. Looking good. Going to need an old bloke with a pot on his head and riding an ol' nag to go with it.
Poor Rocinante... If he's got to be replaced by a motorbike it had better at least be an old Norton or BSA or something equally 'unreliable'.
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Crackin' job.
Why do I feel like singing a song about a mouse wearing clogs?
Definitely looking forward to seeing these beauties populating the track.
The bloke with the sack is Britains or a copy of a Britains figure. I'm sure I've got him in amongst my old farm animals.
Aaaaah. There's the next project build for the track.... A BAND WAGON!
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