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A few day´s ago I posted a link to a movie (no oscar winner). This movie was about our little tiny mobile rally track!
And...........we love our little track. It´s like a mascotte! And we are all (4) suprised that some of you are rebuilding this track. BUT...... WE like that. Please make it better! Take pictures and show them here! We will love IT!!!!
And with good information you can make it better!

So the pics bellow are just to help RobFitz and Zipp and others to make a better tiny rally track then it´s original.

The project plan

The alternatives

Living in a box

Is messy......

During the project

He! I need some help!

When the project get´s heavy

Help was on it´s way

Then we make some progress in the project

And even did some testdriving

And we share some beer during the testdrives

But stil working hard on this mobile track (it´s first performance was very near)

The first time using foam is like the first time having sex (dirty but fun)

When the project become hard we have a little escape:

The final steps.........

A track in a truck (nice name for a TV show!)

First time the mobile track was in action

Back home

When it get´s snowy

It become nasty:

When real trouble is knocking on the door

And the man how make the design of this great tiny track!
The name is baan……racebaan! No it´s not me but just a Dutch joke like: the name is bond etc

Peter Christie
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That Video has a lot to answer for!
But having used expanding foam yesterday for the 1st time I would not compare it to SEX It was horrible!!!
goes all over the place and you don't get much in a can!!!
Thanks guys you have given us all a lot of fun

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