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The Tracks of the 2011 Dynamic Challenge

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This is the proposed route for the cars starting at my location in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. Then they will progress south to California (which has the 4th largest gdp in the world, qualifying as a country by itself) to take part in the Buena Park "Legends" race were past slot car racing champions will drive the cars.
From there it goes to the only two southern hemisphere tracks in our series in Sydney and Melbourne Australia.
After that they wing their way to the Castle Lair of the Kingie of Thingies in Lugano Switzerland. Then on to Minerva in Germany, France and the UK (visit the Queen) before returning back to the "New World" for two last races on the biggest Blue Kings still operating. This should provide those entries with "legs" to show their stuff after being mechanically perfected over the course of the previous months journeys.
The whole event should take about 10 months (+/-) and if problems arise, some re-scheduling might take place. So this timetable is just the most logical progression regarding shipping of the cars. (Quite a logistical challenge I assure you!)
A quick count of the tracks below shows only 9 races scheduled. I am still looking for one in France or Spain. If anyone wants to plan for it I would be glad to talk to you.
Repairs on any entries, if need be, will be preformed by race directors on the spot. If any repairs ARE required, the car owner will be notified. Any entry lagging behind for one reason or another we will endeavor to fix, adjust or repair if possible. Sending a car home is the last resort.
We want an exciting race again just as in years past so feel free to comment, suggest, trash talk or whatever and let the best entry win!

May 8th, Salem, Oregon USA
Length: 75' (23m) 4 lane 12 volt battery power
Race director: Jairus Watson
Comments: While the track seems smallish… it is a fun challenge to drive and provides an advantage to the hand-full of heavy cars we have this year. The surface is routed wood with a smooth painted surface, flush copper strip and plenty of traction is available using only zip-grip!

Mid-June, Buena Park Raceway, Buena Park, California USA
Length: 155' (47m) Blue King 8 lane
Comments: This swoopy Blue King will provide a chance for some of the lighter cars to stretch their legs. It has a painted surface with flush braids on a routed wood surface.
Race director: HarV Wallbanger III


Sometime in July or Aug at the Sydney Society of Model Engineers Inc., Sydney Australia.
Length: 115' (35m) 6 lane
Comments: Sydney was one of the stops in the "Sunchaser Race" and it is a very fast track. Routed wood with two donuts and a painted smooth surface.
Race director: Steven Corneille


Most likely take place with-in weeks after Sydney. Melbourne Model Raceway, Melbourne Australia.
Length: unknown 5 lane
Comments: The Melbourne round will be run at the Melbourne Model Raceway, located about 8 Kms (5 Mi) North of the CBD. Behind an anonymous factory facade lies this Aladdin's cave full of treasure. The Melbourne vintage slot car racing scene has been based around this store and its track for a couple of decades, fostered by raceway owner Ged. The raceway has had several tracks come and go over the last 15 years. The current track is a 5 lane custom built to suit the space. With so much stock a large track takes too much floor space, yet with a four lane there were often people waiting for a lane. A 5th lane was a good compromise. I think the current track is here to stay. The track surface is ferodor, a high friction paint. We normally race on natural rubber tyres, with NOS Uniques or AMRs the best performers. We allow untreated foam tyres on Cox Cucs and Russkits and they work very well. The foam tyres on the Sunchaser proxy cars worked very well last year.
Race director: Steve fzr


September, or there abouts at the royal lodgings of the "Kingie of Thingies" private track in Lugano Switzerland.
Length: 98.5' (30m) 3 lane
Comments: No proxy would be with-out a stop at this very challenging, routed wood track. Other legends of the hobby will be taking part in the driving duties just like last year. I am sure Edo will be planning on a nice wine and cheese repast following the race just as before.
Race director: Edo

Stay tuned for more…
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Sometime in October, The Minerva Track, Düsseldorf Germany.
Length: 78.74' (24m) 8 lanes.
Race director: Jens
Comments: Do not let this track fool you. It is a fast track and host to two of the previous proxy races. Be sure to check out the link at the below.

Minerva race on YouTube

Seventh Race, TBA!
Sometime in November and the hopes are that someone from France or Spain will step forward.
Length: TBA
Race director:

Sometime in December at North London Society of Model Engineers, London England.
Length: 96' (29.26m) 4 lanes.
Comments: Race organizer from the previous Sunchaser series has chosen this track for his leg of the race. Four wood routed lanes of speedy but with flat cornered goodness. Heavy cars will find this track a point getter for them.
Race director: Lowrider

Web site:

Sometime in January, Chicagoland Raceway, Chicago Illinois, USA.
Length: 155' (47m) 8 lanes.
Comments: Another swoopy King track and gives the high winding cars a chance to earn some race points! Routed wood, painted surface woven braid.
Race director: Mike Swiss

Web site:

Estimated to be Jan - Feb 2012 at Route 93 Raceway, Akron Ohio, USA.
Length: 155' (47m) 8 lanes.
Comments: The grand finally will take place at the home of another Thingie aficionado and I can think of no better place for the checker flag to drop on this 5th annual Thingie Proxy! Routed wood, painted surface woven braid freak'n American KING! (arrrr, arrr, arr)
Race director: Mr. Frank

Web site:

Okay, that is the plan.
Guess we will see what happens. Stay tuned to the Official Proxy thread (where the rules are posted) as that will be were all the excitement, comments, teeth gnashing and trash talking will be posted following each and every race report.
Looks to be a great year with 18 to 20 entries total!
Whoo hoo….
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Well, they surely are a fabulous selection of tracks. I would love to get down to the NLSME race if at all possible.

Best of luck to all competitors.

You'd be very welcome, Al, with character-building uncomfortable overnight accommodation at Rancho Lowrider for you if required.

Tentative schedule looks great, Jairus. A fantastic selection of tracks with a wide variety of challenges.

Many thanks for the offer Steve, I may well take you up on it come December.

Track update.
Unfortunately as of yesterdays mail the track timing gear has not arrived for the Z-force raceway. Since it is also "Mothers Day"... I suppose we will need to postpone the first race a week until the gear can be installed and tested. Would be fun to hold the first race on Friday the 13th!

On another note, I am discussing a Spanish leg for the proxy race with a Facebook friend Jordi Pedragosa Sala. Jordi works for JPSLOT and has access to their company track. He so far seems quite willing to host a leg of this race and if it all goes smoothly I will post a picture and add info for Barcelona Spain to the list of tracks.
Thank God for Google Translate and the Internet!

By the way, if anyone here can write spanish and is willing to help communicate some of the details. Feel free to chime in.
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Ah to some that might be great news

Hope to finish my entrée tomorrow and send ASAP,
Things have been hectic but i am proud to say i am the father of a healthy baby boy anew slotracer to be

Christian was born 06 May 03:53 am,
mama and Christian are doing fine

All the best,
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Congrtulations Jaak, on both counts... hehe.

Hey Jaak,

Ditto to those comments Jaak
A future Thinigie Enthusiast
Glad to hear everyone is doing fine

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Congrats to Jack's wife...... all he did was the easy part!

HA! Congrats Jack git a controller in his hand to play with now...!
Jairus, gents

on the 15th and 16th October Franco Uliana and the ECA club (the oldest slot club in Italy) are organizing in Roncole Verdi (Parma) a Thingie race.

Franco and the boys would be very happy to run the Italian leg of the Dynamic Proxy on the 56 meters Thomieux track, see pics here:

The italian racers are super experienced (ask the Brits who get regularly beaten when they come to Italy and even when the Italians go to their island to race

and the track is spectacular.

Provided that the car's package comes by that date I could bring the cars down and have them raced.

The Lugano (Swiss leg) race at my track could be organized just after and then send the cars to the Minerva track in Dusseldorf.

Let's think about that, shall we?

Ciao for now

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That track is simply spectacular, O Kinky Thingie Kingie.
It certainly gets my vote, for what that's worth.

Thank you,
I had a few laps on that track last year when I was down there for the vintage meeting. It's just as good as it looks.


Was at last years thingie race on that track, managed to get a near standard Cuc to go round reasonably well [6th or 7th overall] but the MiniDream cars were untouchable!
Nice track, great venue and the evening meal not bad either!

Really, really cool track!! It would get my vote- YES!!

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Might be a good idea if Race Director Watson updated this thread as far as possible with newly confirmed race venues and a tentative timetable.
To the best of my knowledge there's going to be a Spanish round run by Jordi from JP Slot after the German round at the Minerva club. From there it should by the turn of the North London Society of Model Executioners, followed by the American King at Route 93 Raceway in Akron, Ohio and then either to the Chicagoland King track or the postponed round at the home track in Salem, Oregon.

Mr Watson, sir?
Updating this thread is the duty of the moderators after I give them the info. I asked twice for the ability to do it myself with absolutely no answer either way. So I decided to do all the updating on Slotblog since most of the interest, posts and trash talking happens there anyway.
And we only need one home forum... and I get little respect here on greater SF anyway.
(my little protest Low)
Oh my
we have The J. in a bad mood today!
I'm happy to do what it takes to help get the Dynamic Proxy going on SlotForum AND whatever helps the dying Thingie forum here when I have the time.
It's certainly not pleasant to see how thin the number of posters has become compared to what it was up to 2009.
I guess it was easier for us to also post on Sblog than have Americans come out of their warm and cozy home forum and come over here in dangerous waters...

Oh well...
PS Jairus please tell me what you want to have changed on your posts and I'll do it asap.
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Well E, sometimes changes come in dribbs and drabs. I know that you are busy and it would be much easier to have the mods give me the ability to change only my posts. I hate to bother you with all the little details.
And my mood is good, but will admit that my opinion of S.F. might be suspect. (present company and the Thingie forum being the exception)
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