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Hi All,
I am just wondering if there is a so called "warning list " available ... things to watch out for when purchasing kits , RTR cars etc...

I realize this whole forum is one big list but having said that ..... is there a concise list of topics such as avoid Dodgy Brothers inc. or tips & pit falls to look out for as a newbie such as myself dives into the world of vintage car collecting ?

If not, here's my first 2 tips.

101 VSCs Tips

#1. never take advice from a newbie.

#2. Always pay for postal insurance. ALWAYS ! ( I learnt this lesson the hard way ... lost 10 cars in transit.... never to be seen again.. $2000.00 value.. that really hurt )

p.s you like the subtle abbreviation touch "vintage slot cars"
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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