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ok so while welding this morning i went into one of those thought loops that can only be solved via discussion, so lets see if this helps!?
like so many others i was shocked at graham lanes news about dropping the hobby...but as also appreciated by others judging by the comments, many also understand his thought process. i´ve heard it also from other friends on the forum during the last couple of years.

it seems to me to go something like this!.....

the forum in somepart is a personal diary of out discoveries, worries , excitement and troubles, loosely based around the topic of racing small cars!
in sharing ones diary with the world we all recieve wonderful news that other people feel the same or have done something similar, and can help with images and is great, we feel like a "global community" and secure amongst a closely knitted group of like minded friends.


i´ve never met any of you lot, and many i consider friends...i wonder if we are mentally prepared to share ourselves with invisible people...this forum mularky is a new invention after all.
sometimes it feels like the diary comments fall on deaf ears...and that isnt nice....shunned by the friends that should be excited with us.
the truth of course is nothing like that...we all read the comments but sometimes don´t have time to say anything that has´nt already been said, or are sick of saying "wow thats great"!
graham has to be one of the greatest contributors to this (the biggest) slot forum, he´s started ideas for building kits, cast scenery elements, a calender, aswell as the mini miglia events etc..i think we can safely say hes a creative guy with a big heart and a will to share.

so what am i trying to do here????

err. maybe i´d like to understand peoples viewpoints, if we understand the details of how our minds work maybe we can avoid more of the retirements from the important members

i am aware that to many of you this sounds like a load of old sentimentalist, hippy over americanised clap trap (no offense to hippies or americans meant!), but i think for some, you´ll see what i´m trying to get at.

i suppose if any chord is struck then please share it here, it can only help to bring the community a bit closer together

i think??

cheers sig

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I think at least part of the problem lies in the fact that the 'global community' offered by the forum can only go so far. While it's nice to know that there are others on the far side of the world that share our love of toys cars and associated interests without having some 'in person' support and enthusiasm things can become a little difficult.

I'm lucky enough t have a partner that also enjoys the hobby. But for those who don't it is nice to be able to find a few like minded friends with whom to race. A club is a great outlet, but without support from other members it becomes it becomes less of a joy and more of a drag.

It can be extremely difficult to maintain enthusiasm without others who share it. The forum, unfortunately, can only go part of the way.


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I think Embs comments are pretty much right. But we also have to consider the fact that the world is in economic turmoil at the moment. Slot car racing/building is something of a luxury in the grand scheme of things and judging by the numbers of people who are either giving it up or selling their collections, it's pretty obvious to me that the monetary angle is biting real hard.


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I think the best form of "therapy" is to have other interests as well.

It's all too easy to become so absorbed in our hobby that we end up feeling suffocated by it. Leave it alone for a while and do something else. Come back once your enthusiasm has been refreshed.



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Eddie, your quite neat to the truth there old friend.
There,s Phil Insul, he has many boats {but still slotting }
Alan Tadd has now moved to model boats,
It seems Graham is also riding the waves and i a very much
into shipping after leaving model cars.
It looks like if you wish to talk slot cars, have a trip to your
nearest boating pool !!!!!
On a more serious note and regarding the first post here, i
think for some modelers there is a more cerebral link to the hobby,
if this area is not for-filled then they will look elsewhere to gain that
fulfillment and not just do the thing just because they have had some
time in one type of hobby.
The thing for me that seems a little more worrying, the guys that are
on the move who have the "cerebral " thing or affliction have put on
some, or have been involved in organization, builds and tutorials for
some time, ie Graham with MMM and "how to,s " Alan Tadd with the
IPS and myself with Early birds, here are just three.
i hope for the hobby this is not a ongoing trend, although i and they have
left it would be sad to loose too many of this type of person.
We will see
mac P

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Hi Mac,
Our mutual aquaintance young Mr.Coopdevil did mention to me that you boat building converts were meeting up somewhere secret & talking about slotcars

Things used to be different: -
Our somewhat older aquaintance Joe Dutton started out aeromodeling, swapped to rail cars, then slots. Running the 1962 rail nationals & commentating on early slot nationals along the way.
When he tired of slots he joined the Magic Circle & took up conjouring. His final "therapy" was touring the local fetes putting on Punch & Judy shows for the children. He did tell me this last one was the most difficult of the lot


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QUOTE (sig @ 19 Jul 2011, 09:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Graham Lanes news about dropping the hobby...

cheers sig

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