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Thingie's: What were they all about?

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Just spitballing here but I've been thinking about this for months since the 2011 proxy started. A few of you wanted to run the Parma track and I shot that idea down right quick due to the simple fact that the faster tracks tend to destroy some of these toys more than the shorter tracks.

So... here is an idea for the Proxy 2012. Not totally sure just who will step forward and organize the next event. But I wanted to get our creative juices flowing again long before the deadline in order to source the needed bits.

Here is what I have been mulling over and darned if it was not inspired by ol'"Wavemaker".

The idea is to run only one or two fast tracks. Fastest car wins! (prizes, money, glory?)
Thingie's are basically "balls out" designs that use the best of the best tech to go as fast as possible.
A quick peek at the final pages of our history already reads that the current wing racer occupies (there is that word again) the current position on that throne of all 'Thingiedom' so why not go with that... ?

I present this idea: "Choti Doody"!
Yeah, the Choti line of bodies pretty much contain the essence of the modern wing racer. Anyone can solder together a light weight chassis. So the question is.... what motors?
Well, we have stuck with 1968 as a tech line-in-the-sand in the past almost to the point of insanity! However, I suggest in order to increase participation and move the movement forward, (not to mention increase reliability) the tech deadline should be adjusted to 1970. This would allow "C" can motors! (or the "B" of course)
Ah... that would be Champion and Mura "C" can motors (two hole) with-out bussbars! but cutting the can down could be allowed!

Can drive or endbell drive makes no difference but we limit the placement to in-line only just for fun.
Any gears, any wheels and tires as long as they were available in 1970.
All bodies have to be Choti or you will fly off the freaking track.
No added wings, just the body that was originally molded. (Electric Dreams and O2R have them)

The question is... how much down force do you need?
How much weight?
How much power can we squeeze out of a little Mura motor packed full of the best ceramic magnets on the face of this earth?
(or should we allow any magnets?)

Soooo.... how quick is quick on the Parma track?
Yeah, I want to race on PARMA and at least one AMERICAN KING!

What do you think?
Wanna play BALLS OUT?
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The thought of a commerative flask got me hooked in. Will it be filled? I would like to add my 2 cents, having been in the east bay at the Chotis best moments. We had a few rules, 1/16 clearance, 3" max width ( both enforced! ) 3/4 rear tires, must have front tires/wheels ( anything goes ) the guide had to be under the bodywork, a driver figure ( yea, right ) and 3 numbers. After that anything goes. This morphed into "open comp" when the NSRA/USRA guys got a foothold. I would love to see this, particularly if it comes back to NorCal. It might make me dust off my 40 plus year old skills.
I dont remember the Pink in 67. However in 69 I used it for an open comp. I may be way old school, but them Mura Pinks were the way to go. It gpt so heavy locally, that one race on a motor was good. Some guys even had a qualifying motor and a race motor. The 27-28 double was a good motor ,but the 25 single was a rocket as long as it lasted. I did have a 25 blow after qualifying. We ran for two minutes rather than one lap. My Dad scurried off to Mura and got me a new motor gratis.
1 - 2 of 109 Posts
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