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Thingie's: What were they all about?

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Just spitballing here but I've been thinking about this for months since the 2011 proxy started. A few of you wanted to run the Parma track and I shot that idea down right quick due to the simple fact that the faster tracks tend to destroy some of these toys more than the shorter tracks.

So... here is an idea for the Proxy 2012. Not totally sure just who will step forward and organize the next event. But I wanted to get our creative juices flowing again long before the deadline in order to source the needed bits.

Here is what I have been mulling over and darned if it was not inspired by ol'"Wavemaker".

The idea is to run only one or two fast tracks. Fastest car wins! (prizes, money, glory?)
Thingie's are basically "balls out" designs that use the best of the best tech to go as fast as possible.
A quick peek at the final pages of our history already reads that the current wing racer occupies (there is that word again) the current position on that throne of all 'Thingiedom' so why not go with that... ?

I present this idea: "Choti Doody"!
Yeah, the Choti line of bodies pretty much contain the essence of the modern wing racer. Anyone can solder together a light weight chassis. So the question is.... what motors?
Well, we have stuck with 1968 as a tech line-in-the-sand in the past almost to the point of insanity! However, I suggest in order to increase participation and move the movement forward, (not to mention increase reliability) the tech deadline should be adjusted to 1970. This would allow "C" can motors! (or the "B" of course)
Ah... that would be Champion and Mura "C" can motors (two hole) with-out bussbars! but cutting the can down could be allowed!

Can drive or endbell drive makes no difference but we limit the placement to in-line only just for fun.
Any gears, any wheels and tires as long as they were available in 1970.
All bodies have to be Choti or you will fly off the freaking track.
No added wings, just the body that was originally molded. (Electric Dreams and O2R have them)

The question is... how much down force do you need?
How much weight?
How much power can we squeeze out of a little Mura motor packed full of the best ceramic magnets on the face of this earth?
(or should we allow any magnets?)

Soooo.... how quick is quick on the Parma track?
Yeah, I want to race on PARMA and at least one AMERICAN KING!

What do you think?
Wanna play BALLS OUT?
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Lookin' good Jairus, a masterful job as usual.

It'll be interesting seeing what it can do.

Okay guys. The Dynamic Challenge Proxy has not yet been completed (one more round to go). But I knuckled under to peer pressure and posted some set-in-stone rules to kick this thing off.
Balls Out Cali Choti Race

After reading over both threads here and on Slotblog I tried my best to consider all input and opinion. I think the rules as they sit are the best compromise possible. I would post the rules here but as yet the moderators have not given me the ability to make changes and so, while I will post most updates on Slotforum too, much of the Thingie reporting regarding this race will center on Slotblog. That's just the way it has to be for now.

We have about 27 people who have voiced a desire to take part in this next race. If I missed your name and you want to be considered, please send me a PM. If you want removed... same answer.
If you have a problem with the rules... too bad.
The race date is to be announced and there will be t-shirts for all participants and spectators who want them. Design to be announced soon.

That is all!
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Well, I had a good day! After working all morning I loaded the slot box into the car and headed down to Albany to test my second Balls Out Choti racer.
Drove I-5 the twenty miles south and got there in a very short time but.... the northbound lane was totally blocked by a semi that had turned over and spilled its load of scrap metal. Not a pretty sight. Decided then and there that I needed to go the other way if I wanted to get home before dark.

At the track I checked on the Dynamic Challenge cars first and then set myself up for an hour of lap pounding.

After 58 minutes I was spent. Well, actually much of the time was taking up by adjusting the car and shagging it on two difficult corners. But all in all I managed to drive it for 161 laps in one hours time.
The track is 110' long and has quite a few sharp turns. It's more of a road course than a King track is but I feel good about the gear ratio and tire grip. The car is damn fast! No way I could pull the trigger all the way back unless the purpose was total suicide (sorry Layne).

After-track inspection shows the tires are wearing a lot on the outside, but not chipping. (SBR) I saw the car tipping a bit in the corners so at 112g it's way too light to go any faster with this motor and more grippy tires would just exacerbate the problem as the Choti body can only provide so much down force.
Took quite a few wall hits with no broken joints or body cracks and still sits perfectly flat on the test block.
Motor got pretty warm after testing. I think John might be right in that I will need a slightly milder wind to go faster with these magnets. Maybe a 26 single? I do have a Thorpe that's not doing much right now.... Also, going to poke some holes in the can and drill two holes in the end bell for more air flow. But lighter weight would not be helpful.
In fact, I am thinking of replacing those wire gussets with brass triangles just to add low tongue weight.

I am sharing this info for everyone's benefit. I am not the best driver, nor am I the best builder. But I believe for this proxy to be successful for everyone involved, that we all share what we do so the race can be close and exciting for all.

The drive home was uneventful. Wagon ran great with the 8-track belting out "Sweet's" Desolation Boulevard and "Jefferson Airplane's" Surrealistic Pillow the whole way home.
Like I said, it was a GREAT DAY!

Respectfully submitted,
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Hey Jairus,

The more I look at this body, the more I like it, I think it's your paint schemes
Also, the rear pipes really look like they help support the rear of the body. Is the body .015 thick ? I forget

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Yes I believe it is Ray and thanks!
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Yes Ray, this body is a beauty, and so is the 'wavemaker' one also. Thankfully I will soon have one of each to choose from should my own body not turn out well. But one thing at a time.

Jairus, I didn't say it 'over there', but this is another wonderful paint job. Don't crash damage her during testing.

Spy shot from the Old Forge...

Its always interesting to see how something that has been held in the imagination turns out when realised in actuality...Getting there.

I hope you guys think this is in keeping with the spirit of the "negative lift" swoopy Choti bodies.

First pull later this week hopefully.

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I like it Al ! Very neat indeed ! That body looks real stylish ! Can't wait for the finished product ! Zig
Cheers Zig.

Shouldn't be too long now.

Looks quite cute, Chief!

Hopefully you won't ruin the whole thing(ie) with some kind of pink element, if you know what I mean.

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Thanks Z and Edo, it has some way to go before I'm happy with it, but it is V low and swoopy which is what I was after. We'll see after I've finessed it a bit. hehe.


Choti No. # 6 body style by Nodawerks 3 1/8" wide version mounted on a 3" brass frame

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This is not the no# 6 body but, No.# 7 ?? not sure on the number? No.#6 is the next one I'm doing,( according to the California Wildest sheet add)
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Just finished this proxy chassis for another entrant. Contains about 98% same bits as my entry but with a couple small improvements learned from testing mine. Simply waiting for the body to arrive for mounting and paint...

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Hey J.

I like the chassis a lot,( Hopefully I can make copy of it some what lol.) it your using H.O. front's ? That's what I'm going to use, I have a pair that Kia made way back then. As seen on the Dave Lenz period cars. Now, all I have to do is get my tire out to you and motor to JH, tomorrow for sure.

Would this body be acceptable in this series ?? Old v-shaped Choti-noda body redesign.

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I don't see why that body would not be acceptable.
Don't think the fronts are quite as small as HO but they are small and are owner provided. So I don't quite know where they came from. I build the chassis with the tires off the rims so that once the rubber is installed it guarantees the chassis will never touch the track BTW.
Hey guys...

Slow progress here at The Old Forge, as work has been suprisingly hectic these last few weeks, but here are a few more spy shots.

I've had to hold off from a first pull of the body because of clearance issues, so when the chassis is complete I'll be able to work out if I need to rake the body slightly. Pics of the chassis are prior to any soldering being done. Hopefully I will start that tomorrow. Should have plenty of time on my hands now, so hoping to get a move on. All comments welcome.

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Now THAT'S a Thingie body! Wow!
Chassis should work well once you get it stick together with goose fat and old chewing gum, Al.

Thanks for showing.
Hey Al, that car is looking good so far!
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