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Gentlemen, If anyone is planning on running this series and is NOT paying attention to the update thread on Slotblog. Here are some highlights.

All entries must be posted in a "Cars of the California Balls Out Choti Proxy" thread by September 10th. That is 17 days away.
We have 39 names on the list with only 3 cars shown so far. So... it's going to get very busy during the next two weeks.

The entry fee is $40.00 to ensure your cars are returned and to pay for a t-shirt. The fee is also to cover track time at the two tracks.
Yes... the tracks asked for track payment! It is new... but they do deserve something and we can't do the races with-out them.

The only other construction updates are that lead wire clips are allowed but guide nuts are not.

That is all.

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Today is the deadline September 10th, for posting your entry on the Cars Thread. Link above. We have 12 cars posted so far with 3 - 4 more in the wings that I know of.
If you need more time, I can grant you a few days, but please let me know.

All cars are to be mailed to:
Randy Tragni
1455 Hanchett Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126

Get them in the mail in time for the first race September 30th.
That's 20 days from today!

Also, we are selling t-shirts again.

$20.00 (u.s.) to those not entering. All entrants receive a shirt with entry fee.
Will be ordering and printing end of the week so 7 days and the store closes! No second printing this time. So get your order in now please if you want one.
Hoping to get the shirts in the mail before the first race. Europeans may or may not receive them before the first race depends on your respective customs offices.

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OK, here is my entry...finally.

Wheels by Kai, Alpha Piranah rears, O-ring fronts.
Motor 16D by Havlicek, #27 wind, Mura B endbell, Parma EPX magnets, Gold Dust brushes (cant remember what make of can).
Jet Flag,
28t Pink Parma Crown (dyed). 7t brass pinion.
Rehco bracket fitted with ball race bearings.
Body by yours truly.
Paint by yours truly (from rattle can)
Weight...Still to be determined.

Hope to have it in the mail tomorrow.

Oh, and as for a name, I think I am going with 'X-calibre'. Seems fitting.


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Beautiful construction and design Al, and the body goes well with it.

Well, as my mom used to say, guess my eyes got bigger than my stomach, and I'm not going to get an entry ready for this race. Actually, I kind of realized that 2 months ago, with all we had going on here, but was hoping against hope...

Good luck on the Proxy guys.


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I finally made it*:


Body "Slinger" repop by George Hawkins
Paint job by Jairus Watson, concept by Kaiser Edolf
Chassis by Jairus Watson
Motor Mura A can (ebay find)
29t Cox crown, 7t steel pinion
Rear wheels vintage all the way
Front wheels TeeneeTims by Kai, after a technical drawing by Rick Tighpen
Wires by Marklin
Guide Jet Flag
Weight 112 g

*I could not not be in the 6th Thingie proxy race since 2006 despite We've been very busy preparing a scandalous photo-exhibition which none of you will never see here (since this is a family forum).
Gotta go now!
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